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Report Function (PLEASE READ)
Topic Started: Aug 9 2013, 09:26 AM

Recently, there's been what the admin/staff would consider to be an overuse of the report option. While we are glad that y'all are using it rather than responding to the post(s) you're reporting, a clarification needs to be made regarding the purpose of the report function.

What the report function exists for is to bring to admin/staff's attention posts that violate the rules of the forum (most generally, this is in the form of attacks/insults toward another poster or spam posts). What the report function is not for is to try to get opinions that you dislike or disagree with removed. When a poster replies to a thread with a respectful and relevant post, there is no reason for the staff to take action on it.

While we definitely encourage you to utilize the report button when you feel a post is offensive, please keep this important distinction in mind for the future. Now that this announcement has been made, further abuse of the report option may result in warnings (but we'd rather it not come to that).

Thank you.
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