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Like/Dislike Update Announcement
Topic Started: Apr 12 2014, 04:37 AM
Miss Rhi
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"If Sami can't find happiness with a Martian, then she can't find happiness with anyone."

The like/dislike buttons will be returning shortly. While they were gone, we did see an increase in posting and discussion. While a simple like or dislike is most definitely appropriate at times, don't forget that the purpose of a discussion board is to discuss. It's okay to disagree and say so!

I think we all know it's easier to just push a button to show you may disagree or agree with someone's post and when the buttons come back we all need to try to at least occasionally reply and say why we're feeling the way we do especially if someone is new. All of us were new once on some message board out there and probably left more than one eventually because nobody replied to us or from not feeling welcome.

The DR was started as a board with the philosophy that everyone could have their own opinion, disagree and still get along when it came to furthering discussion. Snark about shows, characters and actors will always be fine while hurtful snark or just plain nastiness towards another member will never be.

Here's to hoping that in the future everyone will keep that in mind and maybe just maybe we can get that vibe going again.

P.S: A form of this announcement will be pinned in each of the soap sections even after the buttons return as a general reminder for awhile.
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