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Aug 13

Pretty Please, With Sugar On Top!

Can I get Bob Guza back writing for GH? Pretty please, with sugar on top!

People complain about GH's mob element. Well, that has been missing since RC took over the show's reins. It's been instead wall-to-wall crazy ladies, people with masks, dopplegangers, back from the deeds, kiddie triangles, and stories with no middle -- only a beginning and end.

I used to hear people say, "Oh Guza will write this show into cancellation!" No. It's RC, the beloved OLTL scribe who everyone trumpeted as the best thing since sliced bread, who has written the show into oblivion.

Guza's GH -- I unabashedly loved it. LOVED IT. He at least knew how to write.

Sigh. I wish ABC would have rehired him instead of JP and SA. I just don't think they have the talent to save the show. And perhaps Guza wouldn't save it either, but at least, I'd be entertained.
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May 4

GH and Days

Saw a post today that tried to tie Days' troubles to GH.

One show has nothing to do with the other.

Yes, GH is having serious ratings' troubles. And yes, GH is probably in far more trouble than Days because ABC doesn't have much tolerance for low numbers. GH could be replaced at a moment's notice because it is a network-owned show. ABC could easily replace GH.

That said, it has nothing to do with Days' poor numbers.

Days is fortunate to be on NBC. I'm starting to believe that if Days received a .1 in the 18-49 women demo, the show would still remain on the air. That is an advantage that it has over GH.

I can't imagine ABC allowing GH to remain on the air with Days' numbers. I hate to even think about it. But RC is doing a poor job at the moment story wise. There's no getting around it. The Fluke story failed. The Jason/Jake story is failing. The Ava is dying story is awful. The Nurse's Ball so far is anticlimatic.

GH's troubles are all story related. The quality right now isn't the greatest.

Days on the other hand was just awarded with Best Soap Opera. And still the ratings are down in the dumps.

What does that prove?

Pretty much nothing except that both shows' numbers stink.
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Apr 16

So I guess...

So I guess, in spite of what I was told on this board, that ratings DO matter, even for Days of our Lives.

That's all.
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Mar 9

1.2? Really?

After being thoroughly read the riot act by a poster on this board about my opinion on the ratings, I decided to never comment here about then again.

Then I saw this on the main board:

DOOL could start pulling 1.2's and it would still be fine.

Um, no. A 1.4 HH rating would equal about 1,786,000 viewers. This number was pulled from a low rating for Days in 2013 when an interruption lowered the ratings for a day.

OK, let me put this another way. Perhaps NBC, Sony and Corday would be happy with those numbers, but the local affiliates would not. I guarantee they would pull the show from their daytime schedule and either move it to 1am or drop it altogether. The local stations have to make money. A 1.2 HH rating wouldn't cut it. They could fill the time with infomercials and get similar ratings. Or put in reruns of Law and Order.

But what do I know? According to many on this board, nothing LOL.
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Feb 10

You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me

Higley is back? Dena Higley? WTF?

On the other hand, as long as James Scott doesn't come back, I'm good with it. She'll probably ask to have EJ recast and write horribly for him (just like the last time). The difference is that I won't have to witness it.

But maybe folks are jumping the gun. Maybe she'll do a fantabulous job writing for the show in combo with Josh Griffith. Stranger things have happened.

Corday knows what he's doing, right?

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Jan 27

James Scott Lands TBS Pilot

I'm not sure why James Scott news rarely gets reported here.

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter says that James has joined the cast of new pilot, a comedy, for TBS.

The show is called "Wrecked."


Whether it's good or bad, I'll be watching. I miss that handsome devil on my screen.
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Jan 25

Not Fun

It's not fun to watch your favorite soap opera characters and couples be destroyed.

There is an evil part of me that couldn't wait for the people on this very board (not all people, just a select few) to go through what I went through watching Days when EJami was ripped to sheds to prop Nicole and Rafe -- two characters that that took over the show under Higley. Whenever I would read posts about AZ being the greatest actress since Meryl Streep and how fantabulous EJole and Safe were couples, I wanted to smash my computer monitor. I had been waiting patiently for an actual EJami love story and right when they were in the verge of going in that direction, Higley (and Corday) destroyed them with every tool in the hack writer arsenal. It was painful for me as an EJami fan and ultimately killed my loyalty to Days, a loyalty I had held onto since the late 1980's.

Equally as painful was reading the posts that reveled in my misery. That shocked me. People on this board were having a grand old time watching EJ and Sami being written out of character, falling in love with other people when it made no sense story wise in light what had been written by the previous regime.

In any case, that happened, I quit being a Days' fan, and I moved my soap opera fandom elsewhere. I stopped arguing about and fighting for my favorite couple and characters online because the wind had been knocked out of me.

But in the back of my mind, I knew the less than sympathetic crowd would eventually, if they stuck with Days long enough, go through the same thing. Corday enjoys destroying anything that fans, especially passionate ones, love. And I knew that would happen as soon as Ali Sweeney and James Scott exited the show.

When both quit at nearly the same time, I jumped for joy. I hadn't watched the EJ/Abby mess, so it didn't impact me one way or the other. I had heard how shitty the story was from other EJami fans. It was another shining example of EJ and Sami being blown apart to prop another character. I mean, really, Abby? Whatever. Anyhow, Ali and James leaving meant the end of constant torture. I breathed a sigh of relief and then rubbed my hands together in anticipation of what fanbase would be next tortured.

Judging from posts here, Tomlin and Corday didn't take long to prove themselves equal opportunity destroyers. At first, I did take joy in the misery being visited upon others. But that joy was fleeting. For me, it hasn't turned out to be fun to watch fans be miserable.

Now, I'm feeling a bit of sympathy for what these fans are going through. I can't help it, that's my nature. From time to time, I tune into Days to see if there's any hope to get the show back on track. I think that there is, there always is with a soap opera unless it's canceled. But the writers have to change.

To those suffering under this regime, I feel your pain. It ain't fun to watch your favorites twisted into out-of-character pretzels to prop the new flavors of the month. But all is not lost. Maybe there will be a regime change soon? Hope springs eternal.

Peace out.
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Dec 27

I watched Days and...

I watched Days this past week and it was OK. It's not nearly as horrific as I keep reading on this board and others. Granted, there's a general lack of excitement in 99 percent of the storylines. But it's not that they are bad - they are just kind of there.

There's one story that I like that everyone else hates.

JJ and Eve. They are so wrong but they are kind of exciting to because the stakes are sky high for the fallout from their affair. Plus Casey Moss is hot and has that "it" factor. He needs to be hanging with the adults, not Paige and the rest of the kids.

I know Billy Flynn gets all the praise for being the new hope for the show, but Casey Moss is the one that would keep my eyes glued to the screen. He's good.

Serena is blah. Melanie is annoying, moreso than before. Ciara is fabulous. Lucas and Adrienne have zero chemistry. The guy who plays Paul is very good. Will is like a piece of lint. Hate Abby. Daniel surprisingly doesn't annoy me. Ollie is dull as dirt as is his sister. Haven't seen Rafe.

Teresa is interesting. Brady is still Brady - loser. Hope and Aiden don't do anything for me. Nicole is just sort of there with bad clothes and questionable hair styling. Eric does nothing for me.

Still, Days has some potential IMO. To me, the worst problem is the lack of variety in sets. More than anything else, that bothers me. Weird, huh?
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Nov 15

Be Careful What You Wish For

In terms of ratings for Days of our Lives, be careful what you wish for.

The general consensus on this board is that if Days' numbers sink lower, fans of the show will be rewarded with a new set of writers.

The truth is that if Days' ratings go significantly lower (like under 2 million total viewers), fans will see their soap opera disappear from the airwaves.

I personally don't think Days is in danger right now. The ratings are stagnant. But the danger in seeing is that there's nothing on canvas that will increase interest in the show and grow the numbers.

And the recent loss of a certain character is hitting those female demos really hard numbers wise.

Corday always manages to pull the rabbit out of the hat just in the nick of time. I wonder if he'll manage it this time.
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Oct 28

New is the Word

As an EJami fan, I had to learn that Days offered far more frustration than joy for me as a viewer. It was hard to face the truth about storyline direction. It made me miserable.

When I stopped speculating about what might, could or should happen and faced the cold, hard truth about what was being written and playing out on screen, I became a much happier person. I stopped expecting the show to give me what I wanted and just went with the flow. Going with the flow meant tuning out for long stretches of time when things turned negative and tuning back in when things temporarily turned positive.

Today, EJ is dead and Sami is exiting stage left. No more EJami in soap opera land.

I'm relieved. No more fighting for my couple or justifying my fandom.

If I choose to tune back into Days, I'll be watching it as a general audience member with no dog in the race. All characters and storylines will hold the same level of interest for me.

That said, I'd like to offer a little advice to those who might be hoping that their faves will now get more screen time since EJ and Sami are gone -- always pay attention to Corday. Really pay attention to what he said in his recent interview with Lysie:

The most important thing is for the viewers to trust us and stick with us. In the next few months, there will be new faces on the show. Try to invest in the new faces. Give us a break because Days of Our Lives has to change to stay fresh and alive. And if we don’t do that, then we’re not going to be on after the 50th year. I would say to the viewer, “Try to stay patient with us, and try to enjoy these stories as they come up even if they’re new and involve new characters.”

"New" is the word of the day -- or maybe of the next few years.

Peace out.

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