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The Rules
Code of Chivalry

"Daytime Royalty" welcomes all users to use and actively participate in the forums.

We encourage heated and healthy debates, but we reserve the right to remove posts that in our opinion are defamatory, bigoted, abusive or otherwise exist solely to insult or violate these rules.

The rules are as follows...

1.) Respect other members and the content of their posts.

2.) Do not bait other posters with the sole intent to cause trouble.

3.) No trolling, spamming or selling of any kind.

4.) No posting or PM'ing of unsolicited advertisements, whether personal or commercial.

5.) Please do not use your e-mail address as a user name when becoming a member of Daytime Royalty.

6.) Posts which include a single word or single emoticon reply add nothing to discussion will be deleted.

7.) Banners in signatures must not exceed 600x300 and must not be animated. Additionally videos from sites such as YouTube or DailyMotion are not to be used in signatures. Animated avatars are allowed. Requests will be sent by PM to remove animated banners due to the fact that they cause the board to load slowly for some users. In some instances a banner may be removed by a staff member if there are multiple reports.

8.) Harassing members or staff of Daytime Royalty using the PM System will not be tolerated. Respecting other members and staff as mentioned in our #1 rule also applies to Private Messages.

9.) Daytime Royalty does not censor curse words, so if you need to use them, feel free.

10.) Daytime Royalty does not censor the strong critique of writers, actors and actresses. If they don't want to be critiqued, they shouldn't be in the business!

11.) When registering, please limit the length of your username to 18 characters or less.

12.) If you have an issue with any actions taken by a Daytime Royalty staff member, please address that issue with an administrator privately. Do not interrogate staffers on the public forum.

If and when any of these rules are broken, Daytime Royalty staff will decide the course of action to take on a case-by-case basis, depending upon how severe the offense is.

Have fun and invite your friends!