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DAYS: Weekly Discussion
ugh for chan dansea whatever it is called..get that man into kates bed and riding her waves..

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
well the midol plug should at least be followed by the viagra or cialis plug for trent.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
why is it i find myself hating most of the grande dames of salem aka hope and marlena and love ava and nicole? if hopes nose gets any more up in the air she is going to be the recipient of a plop of bird poo as she walks around..and marlena needs to give up on the swoony lambchop eyes by now..

i know john is about to give ava the boot, but she is much more loyal to him for the short time she has known him than lambchop eyes has been for ages.

DAYS: Spoilers for June 23-27
Jun 17 2008, 01:34 PM
Nicole discloses that Sami and EJs annulment is valid.

Hmm. I wonder who she discloses it to? Oh well. I'm glad she did. So far this has turned out to be a really stupid plot twist anyway since it hasn't really affected the Sami and EJ relationship at all.

Thursday Trent threatens Nicole to keep her mouth shut or hell reveal her dirty little secret.

Since everyone in Salem already knows about her porn past, what could that possibly be? That she was married to someone else before she married Victor (and Lucas I guess) so she's not really entitled to that juicy divorce settlement?
lol..remember the line of austin telling sami that nicole had fallen in love and married a soap star in l.a...so for all the soap historians here..maybe imiss has it correct.

Days: Whats working and Whats not..

1. ej's wardrobe..

2. Jawn

3. Pookie

4. Philip and Morgan

5. Lexie with her son..

not working

1. Abe and his lack of concern for his son

2. Daniel and Chelsea..

3. Stephanie and anyone

4. Lucas unless they quickly get him with Chloe

DAYS: Spoilers for June 23-27
Jun 15 2008, 12:54 PM
Jun 15 2008, 12:21 PM
having seen clips of the "ordering" sami does, hmmmm...not exactly as printed.
You must be confusing this with the spoilers for 6/16. These are for the following week.
clip was of monday june 16..so it is the correct day..again..the ordering she does is not as printed..at least her attitude is not a demand at all.

DAYS: Spoilers for June 23-27
having seen clips of the "ordering" sami does, hmmmm...not exactly as printed.

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
ok..yes..make lucas, sami, and the twins a famizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
Jinxed Soul
Jun 4 2008, 12:31 PM
Oh I'm sure something MAY happen. Something can always happen whether its with Lucas, or even EJ or Sami. There is always the possibility! The fact of the matter is, Lucas is a much more experienced father than EJ is. Moreover, he is a father to those children just as much as EJ is.
lucas is not experienced at all with toddlers...he was not involved in caring for will at that age..he was an uncle, not a care giver..and the twins were newborns when he cared for them by themselves..wholly different from walkers or crawlers..and ej is totally right in saying lucas should not be with the children alone..since he cannot leave the house without the possibility of the kids ending up in cps custody..it is just stupid of sami to allow it, and she just now got a good example of why. if you think about it sensibly, someone on house arrest wearing a monitor is not a good choice to watch these babies.

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
Jun 5 2008, 11:38 AM
Jun 5 2008, 12:36 AM
Thanks Angie!
Can't wait to see Phillip and Morgan...already sick of Phloe!
Don't know how the hell Sami is ordering EJ to leave as he is her sole provider...I mean, really. It ain't her house...and I know it ain't EJ's either, but it is his family house and glad John jumps in and stands up for him. But really, whatever it takes to end this annoying triangle works for me...EJ can move out...Sami can move out...don't care. Just end it!

So who's got the room over the Brady Pub? Why doesn't Lucas just move in there and work there...that way he has his own place and a job? And half the town is there at any given moment so he could have some scenes!!!!
Lucas can't move out of the DiMera mansion - that is where his court ordered house arrest is. Only a judge can probably change the location. And how can he work if he can't leave the mansion? Yeah, I know, Days is hardly ever realistic so I suppose he could change locations to suit the story, but that is why he is at the mansion. I don't think any judge in his right mind would have put anyone under house arrest there, but otherwise how could Lucas have walked in on Sami and EJ in bed?? Just another plot point. I still think it is part of Sir Blinksalot's plan.

I will be sorry to see Linden Ashby gone, I liked him and wanted to see him interact with Kate. Oh, well. Looking forward at least to Morgan and Phillip. I have always wanted Phillip to have his own girl. With no baggage. As for Sami, she needs to take the twins and get away from both men. Run her own life for once. That will never happen either.
so happy to see someone on here hit james scott on his blinking by calling him sir blinksalott..which means i have free reign to comment on the CHICLET teeth that bryan has been flashing..good thing he got them for free..as they look silly.

Nelson Ratings Days/Y&R/AMC
Good to see this columnist noting how hot EJ and Sami were.