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B&B: January Discussion
Finally caught up on the last few episodes. Didn't miss anything.

I don't feel sorry for Wyatt at all for getting his heart crushed everytime. Maybe he should get his own women and not lust after Liam's. The same thing is going to happen with Steffy and Quinn should know that.

This has always mind boggling me. I am not talking just about BB but all shows in general. Why is it that when someone falls they are automatically unconscious especially men. They aren't even knocked out that hard but they are loosing consciousness. Liam's fall wasn't even that hard. I have noticed the same thing on Days.

B&B: January Discussion
I miss the days of Sheila. I loved to hate her and she brought something to BB. Those were the days to get excited about BB. These days its a snoozefest.

Wyatt is bringing it all onto himself. He falls for his brothers girlfriends everytime, Hope, Ivy and now Steffy. This is one character I dislike. I wish he would go after Hope so that we don't get to see him anymore..