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B&B: Spoilers for the week of March 4th
No freaking way. Taylor moves in with Eric. Isn't that a bit too fast. Stephanie died like three/four months ago.

I really think Bell and his crew should take a good hard look at the soap and give it a reboot or something. I agree with a poster above by bringing in some new blood. The women and men on that show doesn't have much of a variety no wonder they bed hop from one to the other.

B&B: Spoilers for the week of February 25th
does any one else like hope my god come onwriters get rid of this girl

I like Hope. I like the change we have been seeing in her the past few weeks. I do however wish that the triangle from hell is over. Let Liam and Steffy be "happy" together. I am all for Hope and Oliver getting back together. I can almost guarantee that Steffy will somehow worm her way in there as well. She always wants what Hope has.

B&B: Spoilers for the week of February 25th
A thing that really boggles my mind. Taylor and her kids always refers to Hope and Rick as Logan's when Rick is actually a Forrester. I wish someone would open their mouths.

I liked Taylor in the early days but as of lately she has become a bit cartoonish. I can't help to laugh when she say the Logan's are taking everything away from them. Brooke took Ridge and Hope took Liam. Steffy did manipulate to get Liam but everyone seems to forget that.

I must say that I have been liking how Hope has been acting lately. A no-nonsense type of girl. I like it. Steffy feels threatened by it. I think Hope should move on and let Steffy have Liam.

I really think that Bell and Co should start utilizing his full cast more. What has happened to Thorne? They could use him. There are so much potential for B&B to become one of the best soaps.