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B&B: May Discussion
Hope has really failed in that department Meow. This is one change I don't like in Hope. When Bill did all those things to keep her and Liam apart she didn't stand for it and confronted him. With Quinn it is different. It is like she is getting a free pass where Hope is concerned. If this was Bill doing all of this Hope would have hit the roof.

The show have really turned Quinn into a cartoon character. This is the problem if there is only one main villain on the show. That person have to do everything. I cannot wait for Deacon to return but I am also afraid to what these writers will do to him.

B&B: Spoilers for the week of May 26th
If that happens can Quinn be with Ridge. That woman needs a good nose dive into the ground. I don't feel one bit sorry for Katie. She made her bed and now she had to lie in it.

B&B: Spoilers for the week of May 19th
I love Rena Sofer but this Quinn thing is going too far. I haven't seen these episodes yet as I have two weeks worth of episodes to watch. They should really move on from this triangle already and especially this meddling. It is really getting old now. They could use Quinn in another way. Keep her crazy if they want but just stop this thing with Liam. Quinn's relationship with Wyatt let me think of Norma Bates and Norman.

B&B: May Discussion
Honestly you guys can't really blame Hope for how she has been acting lately. In all honesty Steffy did try and broke them up. It all started when Liam saved her from drowning in her own bathtub. She went after Liam after that. This is on Liam too because he allowed for it to happen. Please don't tell me that you guys won't be upset if you see your boyfriend/girlfriend kiss another person. Hope reacted first like many would. She broke it off with Liam. Hope was never a waffler or whatever it is you guys call her. Circumstances (Bill/Steffy) kept interfering.

I really want Hope and Liam to get a chance without interference. They were cute together in the beginning before all this.