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B&B: September Discussion
I don't know if I am the only one on this but for a moment I was getting excited about another fashion house being in competition with Forrester (how I miss the Spectra days). I was hoping that Bill would consider it. I really hope they don't drop this storyline. I would really like to see Liam/Steffy sweat a bit about their actions. Don't get me wrong I am not a Wyatt fan (maybe if it was another actor) but we need some corporate drama. The fact that Katie would be involved would be marvelous. There are so many stories that can form from this. Katie vs Brooke again.

I really hate that BB has like a week when it is on fire and then followed by months of being boring. Putting Nicole and Zende on screen isn't helping.

I am not sure how I feel about Thomas. Once again to me it is the actor. I liked Drew Tyler Bell in the role. The character went down hill for me when Adam Gregory took over.

I think one problem for me with the show is when they do an arc they beat it to death. The Aly death video and now the Ridge wanting kids story. The show is overall boring right now. Like someone else said when you miss weeks worth of episodes you don't miss much. You can bet for sure that the conversation would still be at the same place.

B&B: September Discussion
I may be in the minority here but this is why i dislike Steffy so much. She can basically do anything she wants with no real consequences. I get why Ivy is mad at her. I just wished that she could have portrayed her bitchiness better. If it were me I would have made a copy of the video and kept it somewhere and "promised" that it was deleted.

To me the Aly death story was an epic fail. A character that could have been great was sacrificed for Steffy. The show needed someone like her. They also underused Thorne in the storyline that should have been actually about him.

I liked Liam but after this. He is just agreeing to everything Steffy does.

As for Thomas and Nicole. Where did that came from? I am sure that the writers don't know what to do with her. I know...get rid of her. Still can't believe they killed off Aly and kept Nicole. Nicole and Thomas kissing would have been more believable if they spent time together. In how many scenes where they maybe two.

I really don't like this show at the moment. Something needs to be done. get new writers and do a reboot.