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SOW: Chloe Spends her Engagement Party with Daniel
I miss the old days of Chloe when she was Ghoul Girl, and Brady and Phillip were falling in love with her. She used to seem like a normal person, but now she's a whore I wouldn't be suprised if next year they find her humping Trent Robbins' grave. :o

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
Um dumb question but why is Melanie's last name Layton, but Trent's was Robbins?

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
Dec 31 2008, 09:18 AM
Why does Lucas always have to be the man in an affair storyline, looking like the fool. Always. It was the same thing with Austin, Eric, Brandon, Austin again, EJ, Philip and now Daniel. It's ridiculous. I always invisioned Lucas being the playboy bachelor type that when tied down to a relationship would always stray away and be the one having the affair, the one cheating. Not the other way around. But that's just me and how I view the character. Anyone else feel that way?
Not me. I'll admit that I never liked Lucas, not even when he and Sami were a team, but I've never seen him played as sauve and collected. The way that EJ or Jeremy (another character I disliked) were. I started watching just after Will was born, so maybe things were different before that. I think he and Abe get cheated on a lot, because they don't have anywhere else to take the characters. They're both bland unless yelling is involved. BD could do some kind of comic relief, but it would probably be out of place after all these years.

Chlan was definitely hot, but the story is lacking, so I can see where the comparisons to porn come from.

I don't mind chex. IIRC, chex 1.0 was when Chelsea was a Benson. She didn't grow up having Max as an uncle the way Stephanie did. They have no dating chemistry whatsoever, though.
I agree about Abe and Lucas being useless and boring. I think the writers have a problem writing for him. The only reason he's in this storyline with Dr. Dan/Chloe is because he was the only single guy left in town.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
I liked today's episode except for the Chloe/Daniel stuff I wish they would do something already. And If i see the flashback of them at the cabin one more time...... :frustration:

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
I found it funny and pathetic how Melanie was kinda flirting with Brady, it's obvious she was doing it to infuriate Phillip. But, I just want to know where Melanie's big crush on Phillip came from. Could someone fill me in??? :D

Which soaps have the best hunks?
Which soap do you think have the best hunks???

I vote for Y&R and DAYS.....
Y&R has Nick, Billy :wub2: , Adam :wub2: :wub2: :wub2: , Cane, and JT
DAYS has Phillip, EJ, Lucas, Daniel, and nuBrady.

What do you guys think?

P.S. Don't be afraid to post pics of your favorite hunks :biggrin:

Prediction: Best Soap Of 2009
I go with Y&R....with OLTL close behind in second place.

Days: The wrap-up
^ I like LadyoftheLakes idea, I really don't know If I think of a better one.

OLTL: Weekly Discussion
I'm excited about Dorian trying to get out of the country....can't wait to see what happens with that. I'm also wondering if Marty is planning to get revenge on Todd, because I just don't believe she would run back to him like that...we'll see. And David had me drooling today...Love those arms. LOL

Days: Weekly Discussion!
^^^ Me too!!!

R we going to find out the answers to these????