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Latest Ratings: Feb 6-10
Love that post. And thanks for giving insight on the Sony thing. Just because ABC wanted out of the soaps doesn't mean the others are going too. I don't see DAYS, YR, BB going anywhere anytime soon. All of them have people behind who want them to continue as they are all family owned or partly family owned. Not to mention they are the only really popular American soaps worldwide. It will be interesting to see what happens to those 3.

Hopefully GH can cling on to another year since The Revolution is failing. I would really like to see them make it to 50 and then end.

Latest Ratings: January 30th - February 3rd
Feb 11 2012, 01:53 AM
Wasn't Days preempted in some big market last Tuesday? That would account for the drop to 1.6. Something had to cause that drop given how steady the rest of the week was. I think we will see a similar dropoff on Tuesday for this past week's ratings too because Days was preempted in NYC on Tuesday for the Giants parade.

The show has been steadily improving and last week was a turning point, especially the Friday episode. It's the first time we actually got real Friday cliffhangers too in awhile. It's too bad it all happened on a Friday because Days and all the soaps usually do awful on Fridays. Anyway, I expect Days will do well the rest of sweeps with so much going on aside from this past Tuesday due to the parade.

The issue for Days is we are headed into the spring and summer when ratings traditionally are awful. Fall and winter was the time to hook people and Days wasted it. That is concerning. However, given how nice the weather has been all fall and winter, I'm not sure they could've hooked them if they tried. Afterall, a huge reason for the 2009 ratings surge was there were so many snowstorms that year.

Days just needs to stick with these stories and keep building them. They need to slow down and really build investment. They have rushed through some critical beats already with many of these stories and now it seems the Sami/EJ affair will be exposed this month too, which is a HUGE mistake in my book. They have plenty going on this month. Build the story more and save something for beyond this month. Days better have big stuff coming beyond sweeps and going right into next fall and winter. They spent the last 6 months building story up. They can't go through another setup period again. Over the next 12 months they need to bring it like OLTL did last year or they will be in trouble.

The good news is that it still looks like Days is doing well in the season to date numbers (you have to click on the link and go to SON to see those). Days is still averaging a 2.0 in HH and a 1.1 in 18-49. I said this in 2010 when Days was up for renewal and people wondered how it got a multi-year renewal given it dropped hard in 2010 following 2009's surge. I think the online numbers and later DR viewings help Days alot. I think NBC went with those numbers and renewed it. I think it was late 2009 when Days started putting episodes online or at least hyping it and I also think alot of the new viewers the show hooked in 2009 probably became DVR viewers because they were likely younger. Notice the 18-49 and 18-34 demos began CRASHING in late 2009 even when Days was still surging and never recovered. Then, you look at the season to date numbers(which include later DVR viewings while the numbers in this thread only include same day DVR viewings) for Days since and they average much higher in the 18-49 demo. To me, that indicates Days hasn't lost as many younger viewers as the numbers would indicate (we know they do well with those over 50 because I believe numbers were reported a year or so ago suggesting that and NBC was being encouraged to consider the over 50 demo a valuable demo) and that they simply are watching later on DVR (on weekends) or via online. I think this goes for all soaps. I think the reason Days and other soaps do so horrible regularly on Fridays is because it's likely many viewers merely go out after work or school instead of going home (especially younger viewers) like they would Monday-Thursday so they don't watch the show on DVR the day it airs. They catch it Saturday or Sunday or even later.
Jim Romanvich (spelling?) Also said that Days' international success helps too. When you think about it ATWT/GL and the ABC soaps didn't have that, but YR, BB, DAYS do. Maybe they aren't going away as soon as we thought.