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SOD: Auditions have begun for recast Eric Brady
Greg Vaughan <3

GH Gold Medal Moments Viewer's Choice

You can vote on Soapnet's Facebook page for fave episodes in the following categories: Best Wedding, Best Tearjerker, Best Take Your Breath Away Moment, Best Dramatic Moment, Best Back from Beyond Moment, Best Soap-tastrophe Moment, Best OMG Moment, Steamiest Seduction, Hottest Supercouple, and Most Memorable Moment.

These episodes will air in the two week period that DAYS is on hiatus for the Olympics

SOD: Ian Buchanan out at Days!
I don't see what the big deal is about him. He was boring.

Drama Series not being presented last at Daytime Emmys
It is totally weird that they changed it up, but this isn't the Daytime Soap Awards it is for all of Daytime television. I really don't care what order it is announced. I just hope they have kickass tributes for AMC and OLTL.

CW Fall 2012-2013 Schedule
It is crazy how they moved Supernatural to Fridays to kill it off, but it did so good there they are moving it back into the middle of the week. I wonder how long the show will continue it and ANTM are the last shows left that existed before the merger.

I am betting this is the last two cycles for ANTM, Tyra fired everyone and they have been hitting 04.'s and 0.3's on Wednesdays.

HLN to air Daytime Emmy Awards
May 24 2012, 10:38 PM
I thought AMC got one last year?
No. Susan Lucci had a tribute last year.

SOD: Soapnet still available for 'undetermined period of time'
I have still Soapnet. LOL completely forgot about DIsney Jr.

Jason Cook leaving GH!

He was on this show FOUR years and I couldn't tell you anything he did except get with Maxie. So boring should have left forever ago.

SOD: Blake Berris Back to Days?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nick. He was so cute and loved his quirky,geeky look.

Nick and Chelsea :wub: