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OLTL: Weekly Discussion
Jun 30 2009, 05:36 PM
Jun 30 2009, 05:32 PM
The only thing that bugs me about Jared & Natalie is that Jared is ALWAYS with Natalie. I wonder if he follows her when she takes a shit too.
You just know Natalie has that man totally whipped, Sami Brady-style.
LMAO! At both of these posts. I find it funny how the two them always get wrapped up in a secret.

GOD Shaun and Destiny's brother is an asshole.

Thank god for no Starr/Cole today!!!! :lol:

GH: June Discussion
Jun 27 2009, 02:21 AM

NuMichael is still annoying as shit though and with this storyline, it's really a lot to try and enjoy watching it.
I know I was excited about Michael coming back, but I just can't understand why he had/has all this anger towards Carly.

OLTL: Saundra Santiago Cast as Carlotta!
Wow, can't believe this one. I loved Saundra on GL can't wait to see how she does.

Days: Daniel/Chloe scoop
Lame...........End this storyline now!!!!!!!

Updated Suds Report 6/26 — Tognoni quits GL
WOW, Like everyone else has said it dosen't make sense why she would leave. Hope she finds work on another soap.

OLTL: A Secret SEXUAL Past!
I like this storyline. I do know where this is going though. Fish will come out, deal with, get with Kyle, break Layla's heart and she'll be driven to Christian.

SOD and SOW: Crystal Chappell discusses her return as Carly
I still laught at the fact Will and Phillip were both born before EJ yet he is older than both of them.

Can't wait to see Carly return, please writers don't fuck this up.

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of July 6th
Jun 24 2009, 03:57 PM
Jun 24 2009, 03:56 PM
Max and Chelsea were together from Summer 2005 to Fall 2006, originally. I wouldn't forget torture like that.
Yea but most of the time was spent Chelsea wanting someone else. Or giving him a blow job. And then they only came together this year because there was no one else left in their age bracket since Max couldn't date Melanie. (Though not sure what's stopping him).
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Max/Melanie post is too damn funny! LOL!

Wow, I hope Gigi realizes Rex is an ass, and gets with Schulyer. Don't give a damn about Stacy, I hope she has a very unhappy exit.

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of July 6th
Jun 24 2009, 03:36 PM
Jun 24 2009, 03:29 PM
Ok this is a random question, but reading Tripp's post about how nobody gets punished got me thinking how long did Nick get sentenced to jail for??? I can't find the clip where he was sentenced. I hope BB could return to the role again, I really miss him.

2-5 years with possibility of release after 18 months
Thanks! I loved Chick so much, I still will never get why they fired BB, and kept that horrid DB. Hopefully in a few months, we get news that Max tragically died in a bad accident.

Y&R: A Closer Look -- Mac
I remember being excited about the news of a recasted Mac, but I absolutely dread this couple. Has anyone noticed that Billy Miller has been so DAMN boring since she came back. Whether he's in scenes with her or not.

If they finally separate imagine a Victoria/JT/Mac triangle. LOL! :sleep: :sleep: :sleep:

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
^^^ What?!! I'm shocked Chloe/Lucas got a house seeing that they will be broken up in a few months. But they way they're dragging out this SL he probably won't learn the truth until May sweeps 2010.

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of July 6th
Ok this is a random question, but reading Tripp's post about how nobody gets punished got me thinking how long did Nick get sentenced to jail for??? I can't find the clip where he was sentenced. I hope BB could return to the role again, I really miss him.

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of July 6th
I hate Max so damn much I wish he would disappear. I hate that bitch Arianna even more, what was the purpose of her character all she's been doing since she got here is just comment on Safe, and give Rafe advice. She is so not needed!!!!

SOW: July Spoilers
BTW, where in the hell are Abe/Lexie???????? I forget they're even on the show. Like I said in the previous post, why don't they just fire these two and bring back Martha Madison and a recasted Shawn. Bo/Hope will have Carly to interact maybe when she comes so I don't see the point in them staying.

Another thing, Steve/ Kayla should be brought back on recuring status. I really don't like them giving Stephanie all this drama, and her parents haven't been there in the least bit. I don't care about that half-ass excuse of her and Steve being in a third world country helping out people.

Y&R: Dastardly Adam Seduces... Rafe?!
Wow he has sex with Rafe, to keep him from searching his room. Then turns around and has sex with Heather to keep her from thinking something is wrong. This is too crazy, this sounds like something that would have happened on Passions. But I trust Y&R to handle this right.

New Ed Scott Interview!
Jun 24 2009, 01:27 PM

I think that Scott wanted Philip/Morgan, Higley wanted Philip/Chloe, and then Tomlin wants Philip/Stephanie. It was obvious, before Tomlin/Whitesell got total control on the show, that Higley was heading for Philip/Chloe again, and also she seemed to want a Chelsea/Nick/Melanie triangle, maybe Lumi again, amongst some other things.

Then Tomlin seemed to scrap most of that...but its obvious that Higley and Scott majorly disagreed on visions. Now, I honestly think Tomlin and Higley don't see eye to eye either, but Ed and Higley's struggles seemed to be very, very bad...Ed's best time was when he and Hogan were working together....2008 was just a mess for Days.[/quote]It's funny that I hated Higley last year. Yet all the things she may have wanted, Phillip/Chloe and Chelsea/Nick/Melanie triangle are all things I wanted to see. I can defenitely sense Higley isn't in control much anymore, because the show is WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY better than it was last year.

SOW: July Spoilers
God will the Danloe storyline end!!!!!!

I kinda liked Melanie/Phillip but I wanted Melanie to move on from that little crush, because I don't like this. Since they're bringing on so many people on they should have just brought back Martha Madison and another recasted Shawn for Phillip to hang around because him and Stephanie ain't gonna last.

Michael Lowry, Nicholas Rodriguez join OLTL
Damn, even more people joining? I hope Marcie/Michael weren't fired for all of these new people joining.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
^^ Thanks that was a really good episode!

BTW, Am I the only hoping that this baby switch storyline should be dragged out, as long as it can. It feels like a traditional soap storyline with lots of twists and turns. Nobody could say back when Nicole switched the babies that all this would happen. It's not as predictable as it started out being. I also love Nicole, and don't want to see the terrible backlash she's gonna get from everyone when the secret comes out. :$