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SOD: Melanie Learns The Truth
I don't feel like hearing Melanie rip into Carly and Chloe.

Otherwise, everything else sounds great. I am glad this story is moving finally.

OLTL: Ron Carlivati & Frank Valentini Sign Contracts with ABC
This is horrible news.

Two Former OLTL Stars Return to Gossip Girl
I wish Amanda Setton were still on OLTL. :(

SOD: Deidre Hall Interview
Sep 28 2010, 02:33 AM
While I respect your opinion you are definately in the MINORITY..The Majority of Days fans would give up almost every character (almost) on the show to have John and Marlena back..
Granted they had a fair share of people who didnt like them, But even many of those viewers respected their contribution to the show.
I can easily think of a 1/2 dozen actors that i would be happy to say goodbye to.. Just to get Jarlena back on the show, They dont have to have a lead story every week, or have everything revolve around them, But a GOOD writer can create a interesting transition where they are on the sidelines (Not the back burner) and still bring their special form of Magic..

I would even be happy to have ONE of them return, But if we had one we would always want the other.
Best to just bring them both back. And I have no doubt they would return at a reasonable salary.
Ken C really needs to get on that, and bring them back as this show is tanking bigtime.
I know that letting them both go was part of the renewal deal, But now its time to make a big move and bring them home.

It was an interesting read, Its strange to think of Dee and Drake so indifferent to eachother considering the amazing chemistry they shared.. But no matter, they had mad respect for eachother and thats really all that counts

Im glad she is happy and doing well.. But I do think she would return.

And honestly Its the ONLY thing I can think of that TPTB can do that would bring in enormous #'s and turn things around ..
That and ofcourse a new Writer. I wish a birdie would start getting into Corday's ear.
This post is just wrong on so many levels. John and Marlena weren't all that.

I personally would NEVER give up all characters for these two. And do you know the majority of Days fans???? Because the MAJORITY don't even post on the internet.

And BTW, Jarlena would not bring in enormous numbers. Those days in soaps are long gone....

Louise Sorel re-signs with Days
Wow. Congrats to Louise, I thought she would be fired after her current story ended.

OLTL: Jason Tam and Terrell Tilford Have Been Let Go
They let Markko go because he was in the way of oh-so precious Ford's relationship with Langston. Ugh fuck this show. Tam was too good for them anyway.

Terel Tilford should've been fired, can't believe they kept his useless ass over Daphnee Duplaix. :eyeroll:

SOD: Deidre Hall Interview
Sep 27 2010, 08:27 PM
I truly believe Deidre will come back if asked. I think that after two years there's been enough time to mend harsh feelings towards each other. I think for Corday it's more of a pride thing, and not wanting to admit firing her was wrong.
How was her firing "wrong"?

It didn't hurt the show at all, in fact it was one of the best decisions they could have made. Days would've been cancelled had Tomlin and Corday hadn't had the balls to do it. She and John were played out, and I don't want them back. JMO.

SOD: Nicole Catches Brady
I love Brady as a bad ass, it would be awesome if he was playing Nicole. Love him now.

SOD: Deidre Hall Interview
I hope she doesn't returns to Days until the show goes off the air. Even if she was still on the show, she would either be in a crappy storyline or not have one at all.

Denver newspaper reports OLTL will soon be renewed
This sounds weird because they have never announced stuff like this before, but if it's true than congrats to OLTL, hopefully they get rid of these damn Ford brothers.

Latest Ratings: September 13 - 17
Sep 25 2010, 01:39 PM
Viewers, Men 18+, Households and 12-17 mean NOTHING! 18-49 is the make or break for ANY soap. The networks could care less that the show pulled 3 million total viewers, they care what % of their audience is in the 18-49 demo. So technically DAYS is the #2 soap :biggrin:

Percentage of total viewers in the 18-49 demo

1. GH - 33.5%
2. DAYS - 28.7%
3. OLTL - 28.5%
4. AMC - 24.8%
5. ATWT - 23.4%
6. Y&R - 19.9%
7. B&B - 19.2%

A couple other tidbits

Men account for 24% of Y&R's audience

The 12-17 demo represents less than 1% of daytime's total audience
This is interesting thanks. Nice to know OLTL/DAYS are doing well with that demo.

Y&R should start airing more male-leaning ads, they have over 1 million male viewers on a regular basis, sometimes more than in the Women 18-49 range.

DC Blind Item: Which Exiting Character is going to Jail?
Cole from OLTL?

GH: Sam hires a hooker for Michael
Sam is a disgusting bitch. I hope Carly beats her ass.

AMC: Daniel Cosgrove to Return in December
Sep 23 2010, 10:37 AM
So it is Daniel Cosgrove? Why does Daytime consider him to be such a big star? He's AVERAGE at best. And he's not even that good looking.

AMC: Daniel Cosgrove to Return in December
Sep 23 2010, 08:51 AM
I dont think there was anything wrong with Britney Allen. She was just a more normal looking girl. She certainly wasnt cardboard like the bulk of their young newbie cast.

I thought she looked like Lisa Howard actually.
It had nothing to do with looks, she was just a boring actress. She didn't bring anything to the role, and said her lines like a robot. She was in no way a convincing child of David Hayward. When they showed her trying to scheme, it was just bad. They need a stronger story if this JR/Annie/Scott/Marissa quad is to continue.

AMC: Daniel Cosgrove to Return in December
Ugh. They're really bringing back Daniel Cosgrove's boring, bloated ass? :eyeroll:

At least he won't be the Joey recast on One Life.

Nadia Tweets About Possible Chloe Spoiler
I hope Chloe has a boy. We just got out of a story involving three baby girls (If you want to include the EJole baby), so yeah it's time for a boy.

TV Guide interview with Kim Zimmer on new OLTL role
Sep 21 2010, 09:39 PM
Reva Shayne LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TV Guide interview with Kim Zimmer on new OLTL role
i love her.

LMAO at the jokes about GL at the end compared to OLTL in how they shoot and them having a wardrobe budget.

ATWT: September Discussion
Oh, and Lisa also got a very shitty ending. HATED IT.