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Weekly Preview 2/1/2016
Jan 30 2016, 01:40 AM
This is just so vomit inducing. Who had a hard on for Tamara Braun that thought bringing her back for this was a good idea?

Absolutely despise Ava. Waste of airtime. Waste of having Steve and Kayla back. Didn't the idiots in charge learn last time around with Ava she was a sleaze bucket that was unbearable to watch? I literally flip the channel when she comes on the screen.

Weekly Preview 2/1/2016
My thoughts are that whenever TPTB keep bringing an actor back over and over again such as Tamara Braun, that actor is a favorite friend of someone high up on the show. The character of Ava is not a fan favorite and is too depressing and evil. It is different concerning actors like Stephen Nichols, Peter Reckyl ( sp) , the DH's. They are fan favorites. TB knows someone, maybe Corday very well.