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Spoilers for the Week of December 28th
Nasty story, Belle and Chad. Watch for one of Chad's little swimmers to get Belle with a bun in the oven. Usually the way the writers operate.

Weekly Preview 12/14/2015
Chabby back together for about 10 minutes and the stupid writers have to do this junk. The fans had time invested in this couple , this is crappy for the fans. I will be fast forwarding through a lot of the brainwashing and Ava stuff. I hate Ava and refuse to watch her.

Thursday, December 10th Daily Discussion
Not thrilled with the new Philip. The last actors were very good looking and fresh faced. This new guy looks too old for the part and don't like his greasy hair. I also don't like Ava back. Terrible storyline. After the 50th celebration plus the exciting wrap up of the neck tie killer, hope I am not in for a boring winter with this show.