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DAYS:Trent's killer is.....
Oct 23 2008, 07:06 AM
WTF? Yeah, it's shocking, but only because this is so out of character for Nick (then again, character-driven storytelling has never been Higley's strong suit). Am I glad it's not Claude? Yeah. Doesn't mean I like this, though. It reminds me of when Ben Reade was revealed to be a serial killer on GL, and I HATED that.
i'm with mason here. this is not the nick i know. maybe it will give him some juicy scenes and something to do other than be chelsea's doormat, but a killer? give me a break.

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
Oct 22 2008, 09:01 AM
If Trent's will reveals that Nicole is Melanie's mother I will scream. In disgust, not happiness.
please, Paxton, no!

(i like your icon) :D

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
Oct 22 2008, 02:24 PM
Oct 22 2008, 02:01 PM
Oct 22 2008, 01:08 PM
Nicole suspects that EJ framed her for Trent's murder.
What? That's just stupid.
I concur. Lazy and out of nowhere.
i concur also. this show is really, really working every last nerve i have. and i only watch ten minutes here and there!

Sami in the crossfire
yay! more sami, all the time!



Oct 18 2008, 11:05 PM
I really don't mean to sound stupid here, but how does the economy affect the television studios?
Maybe themepark attendance goes down, but shouldn't viewership go up if people stay home?

Does it mean something like NBC/Universal stock is down so they aren't worth as much as they used to be? But how does that affect advertising, and why did they lose money on the Olympics?

Sorry. Y'all don't have to answer...I just have a hard time figuring out how things all connect sometimes.

Thanks for sharing...very interesting.
hey alligato, new here but maybe i can help out. i used to work in PR for fox, so i have a sort of understanding about this stuff. the trouble is not so much that viewership wouldn't go up--which it may or may not, depending on how dire you think things are going to get ;) but on the fact that most businesses are run on credit, even very large businesses like studios. they use credit to pay their employees, they use credit to buy supplies, they use credit to pay for insurance, etc. but the banks are not giving out that credit anymore. so businesses big and small are going to have a hard time.

this is the real problem with the economy and is likely why NBC will cut specific programming unless it pulls in lots of revenue through advertising.

Days: November Sweeps
where's the sweeps in all this? i feel like i'm missing out on something. if anyone can clue me in, that'd be great.

Days Stars photos from last night...
ari and nadia both look great, as usual.

DAYS:Have a question for Ali Sweeney?
wow, do i ever! thanks for posting the link.

Shelley on the STAX breakup.
is there any chance she'll get paired with philip? i guess not anymore, though that seems like a missed opportunity.

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newbie poster, hey there everyone!