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ATWT: November Discussion
I am so sick of emily she is a low down hoe who needs a life. Catch a clue the men of oakdale have gotten all they need from you so sit and be still.

Paul is working my nerves with this whole Jossie thing. I love the fact that he did but really why lie to Meg at this point. Just come out with it "Look this is me and you feel in love with me knowing exactly who I am deal with it or move the hell on"

Carly should have slapped the shiznit out of Janet for that little comment about Carly trying to keep Sage from Jack. Carly tried to do what was best for her daughter since her father was thinking with the wrong head. Dayton would be a love place for Jack and Janet to relocate too!!!!!!!

Days: Weekly Discussion
Let the games begin with Nicole. I loved that she lost this baby and I can't wait to watch what happens next. Ari was great she acted her ass off in those scenes and I look forward to the drunk mess of a woman named Nicole returning to my screen.

I will miss NuJohn they can take Marlena and send her to Iowa for all I care but leave NuJohn and hook him up with Nicole or anyone other than Marlena.

Edit to add

Nick (Blake) hands down has acted his booty off the last few weeks. I like a little crazy :hypnotize:

Survivor 17: Gabon
Randy's eviction has to be one of my favorite survivor moments. Sugar set his ass up and I loved watching it unfold. The way Randy treated some of the people on the show was disgusting. I understood he thought they were useless to him but did he have to treat them so poorly. Normally I don't like humiliation but in this case I made an exception and enjoyed every moment of it. I am not a fan of Crystals but I think her and Kenny, Mattie and Sugar make a awesome team and if they stick together there is your final four in my opinion.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion!
I am loving Blake right now. Scary Nick is hot Nick as far as I am concerned.

Survivor: Ace arrested
I knew he was trouble

ATWT: November Discussion
I thought Sage locking Janet in the closet was freaking funny! Janet is a fool and deserves what ever she gets at this point.

ATWT: November Discussion
I am really enjoying the Carly/Jack/Sage/Janet storyline right now. I could so do with out the Luke/Brian/Lucinda thing but over all I am enjoying the show.

Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn FIRED!
Bye Marlena it's been real!

That being said I hate to think of anyone losing their job. Not a fan of the character of Marlena Evans but Deidra deserves better as does Drake and JKJ!

I will miss JKJ and Drake love you both peace out

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of 11/24
Nov 14 2008, 12:13 AM
Nov 12 2008, 09:26 PM
I do hope Nicole sticks around, however I like the idea of her losing the baby and coming back around to the Nicole I love to watch. Ari is a great actress I just hope they use in a great storyline. Nicole needs a man of her own maybe Rafe would be a good choice. :D
I'm hoping they would go with Brady this go around.
I am with you I am hoping for a Brady& Nicole reunion. on a side note it will be fun to watch how this will effect the new found friendship between Nicole and Chloe. Especially since both could be dating each others ex-husbands LOL!

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of 11/24
Nov 12 2008, 10:53 PM
As of today's show, she seems to have a man of her own. He was all over her. It was kind of nice.
Maybe Sami can have Rafe. They bonded with the baby...:)
EJ is sexually frustrated hence the all over Nicole! I can't watch Rafe and Sami he creeps me out with his thick ass eyebrows I can't focus on anything he says, not to mention he looks like he could be Lucas's father and that is just weird.

He can bond all day and night with that baby in the womb, however I highly doubt when that child is born and EJ finds out the baby is his I think the bonding will come to and end pretty quickly.

I hope EJ goes all Dimera on Nicole and Sami for keeping the miscarriage and his baby from him. EJ with a dash of DiMera is my favorite EJ! :$

DAYS:November spoilers!
Nov 12 2008, 11:00 PM
Oh, well I guess that is our difference. I think that EJ and Nicole have excellent chemistry, but their storylines, like a couple of the recent storylines, have been difficult to follow.

But yea, I got the impression that you were a big Ejami fan. Nothing wrong with that as so was I, but really when it comes down to it, I am a big EJ fan regardless of who he is with...and the more storyline for him, the better. I just want to see him on the screen, and if it is with Nicole, I am a happy camper. Especially if he is shirtless.
We may not agree on Ejole but at least we can agree that the more screen time for EJ is a good thing and a shirtless EJ is even better :wub2:

DAYS:Clip of Eric's debut as Brady
He's adorable, I look forward to watching him with Chloe and Nicole!

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of 11/24
I do hope Nicole sticks around, however I like the idea of her losing the baby and coming back around to the Nicole I love to watch. Ari is a great actress I just hope they use in a great storyline. Nicole needs a man of her own maybe Rafe would be a good choice. :D

DAYS:BTS & Spoiler pics
Great Photo's thanks for posting them!

What was up with Chloe and Lucas making out and then her feeling up Phil

DAYS:November spoilers!
Nov 12 2008, 03:22 PM
Oh, ejsbabysmomma, I am so glad you have that tongue-in-cheek response...and this is coming from a former die-hard EJami. I didn't so much give up on that couple, but really, just having to move on before it drove me into a psycho ward (right next to Sami).

I am just enjoying the ride right now, and enjoying the EJole train since there is nothing that I can do about it. I don't think the loss of any baby will ruin EJole, and until Sami gets her mind straight, Nicole could be shipped off to mental institution (right next to me) and Ejami still wouldn't happen.

If Ejami was meant to be, Nicole or her miracle baby or Rafe or Lucas or Stefano would be able to stop those two. Remember EJ? Sami got married, was having Lucas' babies, on her far away honeymoon and he still wouldn't give up. But a baby by Nicole does it? No way.
I just think he is done chasing.

Sorry so long. Just had to get that out.
Tongue-in-cheek that's cute :) !

I am not sure if I have given you the impression that I am a EJami fan. However I am not so much a EJami fan as I am a EJ fan. I don't like ejole I see no chemistry there and that is just my opinion. However I agree with you on the fact that if EJami is meant to be nothing or no one will stop this couple with the exception of the writers LOL!

EJami is great but if it is not to be then give EJ someone worthy some one he has chemistry with that's all I am saying. Some one with whom he will remember their name when having sex with her.....sorry I just don't think that is Nicole. :peek:

DAYS:November spoilers!
Nov 12 2008, 02:13 PM
Sami hasn't stopped crying since she met EJ. Really. That woman has been a weeping mess for the past two years.

And really, that is all I can say about that.
Yes she has cried for the last two years but you must remember she had been with Lucas on and off for the last 15 years. So when she finally met a man like EJ I think it is referred to as Tears of Joy ;) ;) ;) LOL

DAYS:November spoilers!
Nicole should have never been pregnant to begin with nor should Sami but if one baby has to be miscarried than I am glad it is Nicole's and not Sami's....for no other reason than it suits the storyline that I want to see played out, oh and there is the small fact that the character of Nicole she makes me sick as a pregnant woman. She is all needy and weepy crying all the time. She is weak and not the nicole I like. :puke:

DAYS:Spoilers & Previews
November sweeps sucks and frankly I am sick of the show, but I watch anyway just in case something good happens and EJ takes his shirt off or Phillip. Maybe I will get lucky and they will both remove their shirts!

I do look forward to watching Nicole go thru the loss of her baby it will be interesting to see how Nicole will hide the fact that she lost this Miracle Baby LOL!

Blind Item: Married men sleeping with...
I could totally see Bryan doing this but since he is not married I have to go with Bo/Peter John/Drake. They are married and fit the bill