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SOD: Maggie is Daniel's Mother!
How much you wanna bet that the next shoe dropping will be this:

Victor was a family friend of the woman who carried Daniel and actually donated his sperm so she could conceive the child since her husband was infertile. Thus, Daniel is Maggie AND Victor's son. :puke: :puke:

SID: More DiMera Intrigue to Come!
Virgo Twins
Oct 21 2011, 10:13 AM
I got excited I thought that from the title it was going to be something about Stefano too. But it turned out to be about James Scott staying on the show. Maybe we will see more from Stefano later on down the line I do love him with Kate I love seeing them together I would love to see the two of them get into something exciting together.
I was hoping to open this topic and finally see, "Renee Dimera turns up alive." Funny that after 28 years I would still think they would bring Philece Sampler back and return Renee to the canvas. Would love to see it turn out that she's EJ's mother and Tony was his father.

Oh well, I can hope. As long as Stefano's still there, there's always hope... :)

Sony: Halloween 2011 Pictures
Oct 15 2011, 09:11 PM
Love the pictures! The town square looks great all decorated up like that.

I can't believe we're actually getting a Halloween episode this year.
A Halloween episode without Marlena beating Maggie to death with a liquor bottle. I'll take it! ;)