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Nicole's desperate move
Oct 26 2012, 02:15 PM
Jen should have pushed Nicole, and that should have led to the baby's death. (While I would prefer that the baby had lived, if the show was determined to kill him, they should have written the story differently.) Then EJ's grief/revenge would have some teeth behind it. It would MEAN something. I would have wanted to see Nicole in full mama bear mode, planning her revenge as well. It could have led Jennifer to have some kind of mental breakdown, and to finally explore her fears about becoming like her mother, and Abby could be part of that story as well - along with reaching out to EJ and starting up something there. Sometimes good people make bad decisions and react in the heat of the moment - the consequences of that and dealing with it would be far more interesting to watch than the crap they're doing now. People should have been on Jennifer's side, since she's a Horton and all, then you could have their emotional reactions and fallout as they realized that Jennifer did it. She could have been put in a mental hospital for treatment (as the jury found her to be innocent because of a mental defect) and while recovering, she meets a mysterious, bandaged man with amnesia, and starts to fall in love with him (feeling torn because of Dr. Tan)...and the man turns out to be Jack, who has no memory of her or their children.

But this crap they're pulling now, I don't even want to read spoilers about it, let alone watch it play out on TV. I'm still livid that the Ejole baby was killed.

What an excellent concept for a compelling, high drama storyline! And why is it that so-called "writers," who are paid for their craft, can't come up with better storyline ideas than the fans? :shrug:

Kristen Arrives in Salem!
Finally something I want to see. FINALLY!! :cheer:

Thursday, October 4th Daily Discussion
Where the hell are John and Marlena? And I never thought I'd be so disappointed in two legacy characters, both of whom I've loved in the past, but:

Maggie: :flipoff:
Jennifer: :flipoff:

Never been a big Nicole fan, but my heart is really bleeding for her right now.

Oh, and while we're at it, fuck you both, GT/CW!

Soap Ratings for Week of September 17-21, 2012
Oct 3 2012, 07:18 AM
Sep 29 2012, 12:56 PM
Well deserved. Looking forward to the article about the firing of Tomsell. Honestly, the show is doomed. They've run out of good writers and had to resort to what was available, and they filmed too far in advance to change anything. There's no point watching when beloved characters are either written off or backburned, or used to prop the Hernandez family. I want a who's done it murder storyline about Rafe's demise.
Since TomSell is in the business of redoing past storylines, I want a redo of the Salem Serial Killer. Only with Rafe and Daniel as the first victims.
ITA. Only not the Salem Serial Killer, because all of her victims turned up alive.

We need the Salem Slasher (Andre Dimera). All of his victims stayed dead! :P

Tuesday, October 2nd Daily Discussion
Same shit, different day. Or, I should say, same shitty *characters*, different day. ^o)