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Friday, October 30th Daily Discussion
I think what made the storyline so unforgettable (and demented simultaneously) is that it played into an innate fear that we all have of being in a tight space and unable to escape. I remember actually hyperventilating during the scenes inside the coffin. I'm even a little on edge just writing this, and it's been 22 years! :blulaugh:

Tuesday, October 27th Daily Discussion
So is that's it for TJ Hoban? All that hoopla about his "exciting new role" and all that soap press, and he gets one episode, a striptease and a bump on the head?

Tuesday, October 27th Daily Discussion
Oct 27 2015, 03:46 PM
lol Julie "we need something to be cheerful about"

We didn't go to our family members funeral, but we're gonna use your wedding as an excuse because apparently we're sad.

Tuesday, October 27th Daily Discussion
Oct 27 2015, 06:53 AM
I'd like to see Carrie back to Salem for awhile.

I'm looking forward to seeing Eric today.....its been awhile!
I'm still holding out hope that the show will treat us to Carrie and Anna being on the canvas at the same time. I really want to see them deal with Carrie's feelings toward the mother who always put her own needs ahead of her daughter's. Leann and Christie would knock it out of the park, no doubt. So much untapped potential...

PS: Aqua... I love your new avatar photo of MA. Gorgeous!

Monday, October 26th Daily Discussion
Oct 26 2015, 11:22 AM
Andre thinks it's a good idea that Chad stays in a coma, or better yet die.
Oh, this is the kinder, gentler Andre that just wants to get along with everyone, huh? :rolleyes:

SOD: Aiden's deadly plan for Hope!
Oct 26 2015, 09:47 AM
This storyline is weak, IMO. What's the motive for the Di Meras aside from Hope being married (or was) to a Brady? I can't make the connection. It's just lame.
Maybe Andre wants Hope dead because he's still bitter that he failed at stabbing her to death in 1983. :blulaugh:

Friday, October 23rd Daily Discussion
This is utterly superficial, but I'm a sucker for a dark, well-trimmed beard on a man, and Jason Cook now has one of the best. Can't wait to see him. :wub:

Casting call for April 2016 storyline...
Oct 23 2015, 06:51 AM
I like Xander as a villain. I might be convinced to like Ben as a villain, too, if he ever simply embraces his bad side.
Yup. If Andre is allowed to be a free man, then why not Ben? Andre began his criminal career by stabbing five women to death and went on to stage his own "death" to frame John, orchestrated the ridiculous "Marlena is a serial killer" plot, and killed his brother and harvested his kidneys.

So Ben got a little pissed off and strangled a few people. ^o)

Shawn Douglas rumors are correct...
Well, darn. Despite that I knew about the discussion regarding the character of Shawn sticking around, when I saw the title of the thread I immediately thought that the talented and sexy as f--k Sean Douglas was returning as Vargas. I got excited! So sue me. :blulaugh:

Monday, October 19th Daily Discussion
Oct 20 2015, 07:02 AM
I loved Andre! He's quickly becoming my new favorite......he's awesome!!!

I also enjoyed the eulogies. Sami and Sonny's were great!! Sonny crying on Will's grave made me teary. :(
Thaao's so good at playing up the snark. I just don't know that I can ever truly get excited by Andre. After all, he murdered my beloved Renee.

He's killed three of his siblings: Renee and Benji directly and Lexie indirectly through trapping her in the tunnels. Stefano needs to address this onscreen. Soon!

Spoilers for the Week of October 26th
Oct 19 2015, 08:59 AM
The Lani story seems so predictable, Abe is obviously her father.
I agree, but I'm really hoping that we get a visit from Marilyn McCoo as Tamara Price, assuming she is Lani's mother. Tamara left town very suddenly after RoJohn and Marlena's wedding, and it's not a stretch that she may have been pregnant. She and Abe were becoming pretty hot and heavy.

I'd love to have Marilyn back, even if only for a limited run.

Sneak Peek Pics for week of 10/19/2015
The Room Stops
Oct 17 2015, 03:26 PM
Oct 16 2015, 08:04 PM
Oct 16 2015, 08:00 PM
Ben will sink to a whole new level of asshole if he actually takes the money.

To not only kill the man's daughter, but to take his money on top of it all?

Death to Ben!
It's despicable and disgusting, but so soapy! I'll take it. :blulaugh:

If Ben dies, who as the killer would be most satisfying? Hmm...so many possibilities!

I vote Marlena. Because almost died herself AND dead grandson. Also, because she's actually got a brain and is a shrink (Ben is clearly a psychopath), Marlena could figure it all out, but want to get more info before she accuses him. Ben realizes she knows, so she eventually kills him in self-defense. Rafe has the same suspicion, talking to John when John's answer tells Rafe Marlena's in danger, and Rafe tells John he thinks he and Marlena are on the same page. So John rushes off to get Marlena, he and Rafe get there as Marlena has just killed Ben in self-defense.

It'd be kind of great IF because of the celebration, there's a feed that showcases his confession to everyone, but no one knows where they are. Except for John and Rafe. Or something.
What if somehow several people deduce that Ben is the killer and he ends up murdered? It would be a serial killer storyline morphing into another whodunit as various family members and friends of the victims have motives to murder their loved one's killer. RSW would stay in the recurring cast into 2016 as we see various characters accuse each other and flashbacks of different characters killing him.

Could be fun...

SOD Hot Plots Preview: Ben Confesses
Well, we will soon have serial killer Andre walking around Salem a free man, so why not Ben too? The two poor, misunderstood sweethearts have "psychological issues." ^o)

SOD: Goodbye Will, Hello Andre
Oct 16 2015, 08:18 AM
Dr. Chip
Oct 16 2015, 07:56 AM
The time has run out on his crimes? He murdered several people!
Absolutely right. In real life, there IS no Statute of Limitations on murder. But, tbh (and maybe a little shallow :wub2: ), I'm so happy to have Thaao back, and I'd like his character to be able to walk about town and not be in hiding all the time, so I'm reluctantly willing to forget that this would never happen and just enjoy having him back again. But the lack of credible law...yeah, it's an issue!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thaao, but I just can't with this. I'm not willing to forget. Andre is responsible for murders going all the way back to 1983, and now he's going to just waltz around town? Not to mention that two of those murders were his siblings, and Stefano has no problem with this?

Whatever is in this mysterious letter he reads at the Brady Pub, I hope it addresses this issue. And I damn well better hear the names "Renee" and "Benji." :soapbox:

Marie Wilson back to Days
Renee Dimera
Oct 15 2015, 08:37 AM
Yes, there's such a shortage of capable actors in Hollywood that they need to rehire people in new roles. ^o)

Mostly it's an epic fail. A notable recent Days exception: Paul Telfer as Xander :wub2:
Okay, I've decided that I'm a hypocrite, because if this had been titled "Philece Sampler back to Days in new role" I'd be shouting from the rooftops. :blulaugh:

Marie Wilson back to Days
Yes, there's such a shortage of capable actors in Hollywood that they need to rehire people in new roles. ^o)

Mostly it's an epic fail. A notable recent Days exception: Paul Telfer as Xander :wub2:

50 Years of Tear Jerkers
Oct 13 2015, 01:17 PM
8) Todd's death---also not a major character, but a very sad and beautiful death scene
YES! Gloria Loring (as Liz) singing the Beatles' "Here, There and Everywhere" as Tod slipped away. It still chokes me up to think about it.

Another scene would be Tony grieving at Renee's grave, although that was retconned to be Andre putting on an act. Still, at the time we didn't know that and it was very moving. Great performance from Thaao.

50 Years of Tear Jerkers

Casting call for April 2016 storyline...
Please let Ben be dead by April '16. The murders have been horrific, and after seeing him kill Will, I want to see him die onscreen, preferably with Abby screaming at him that she never really loved him and that the baby is Chad's. We need to see him SUFFER!

Miss Rhi
Oct 13 2015, 10:37 AM
Oct 13 2015, 10:20 AM
Never liked her.
Me either. Near the end of AW's run she absolutely drove me crazy. Some may remember how I ranted about her when she was brought up previously. I so wished Cynthia Watros could have taken over the role of Vicky when she subbed for Jensen on AW and hated when Jensen came back. I always thought it was funny how her GH role tanked and then it seemed like she disappeared.
I triple that emotion. Didn't like her at all. From roughly 1995 onward, AW became the "Jensen Buchanan Hour" and Vicky was on incessantly. And we all know that Alice Barrett was fired and Frankie murdered to free up budget to hire back Robert Kelker-Kelly as Bobby Reno/Sam Roberts, Vicky's new beau.

I much preferred Ellen Wheeler's, Anne Heche's (especially!) and Cynthia Watros's portrayals of Vicky.