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Tuesday, October 31st episode discussion
A few observations about the episode, which I truly enjoyed. Didn't FF a moment of it.

1. The directing for most Chad and Abby scenes is awful, not just today but every day. I can't believe how low-energy their delivery is. Everything is so... flat!

2. Superficial comment: I love Casey Moss's chest hair, and it was on full display today. I wish they'd keep the razors away from him!

3. The guest cast (Archer/O'Brien/Wilson/Utay) by far outshone most of the regulars. They were all obviously having a blast with the material.

4. I detested the never-ending Princess Gina story, but it was WONDERFUL to see KA going at it again, despite the dreadful accent.

5. Buh-bye Lani and Rafe. Don't let the door hitcha. If only it were real...

6. I'd trade Lani for Paige in a heartbeat, and I really, really, really want Melissa Archer back permanently. Probably not as much as Aquamarine does, but pretty darn close. ^_^

Tuesday, October 31st episode discussion
Oct 31 2017, 02:13 PM
Oct 31 2017, 01:50 PM
Oct 30 2017, 06:26 PM
Serena wore that dress before. The elephant! Good god no. This looks like it's going to be strange. Elvis was bad enough.
That is the dress she wore when she was murdered.
No it's not that dress.
It's the dress she had on when she and Eric first kissed, also the one she had on at Daniels dinner party.
Yes, the dress she was killed in had a similar leopard print pattern, but it was off the shoulder. All she needed was to put her hair up and wear a chucky necklace and she'd have looked like Wilma Flintstone.

MA's flair for comedy makes me want her back even more.

Tuesday, October 31st episode discussion
Oct 31 2017, 08:54 AM
Who knew I'd be excited to see Paige and Serena? lol. At least where Serena is concerned I'm more happy to see Melissa Archer. LMAO at the elephant statue. That's so Ron. I think it's hilarious she has one.
I won't be the least bit surprised if Melissa Archer returns down the road since Ron wrote for her at OLTL. A lot of us want her as Sarah Horton, but I'll take her back as a new, well-developed character with a plausible backstory and at least some ties to existing Salem characters. I miss her more than I expected I would.

Tuesday, October 31st episode discussion
Oct 30 2017, 09:51 PM
Serena: "My God, you people are boring."

Abby: "You're just bitter because you know if you'd given in to Chad's advances and spent the night with him, you'd still be alive."

Serena swings the elephant statue at Abby's head. Fade to black.

Tuesday, October 31st episode discussion
Oct 31 2017, 07:33 AM
How I would love to trade Paige for Lani. Paige showed some gumption after JJ cheated with Mommy but Lani is dull as dirt.
THIS! I thought TOB was phenomenal in the birthday party scenes confronting JJ. Her acting had been so tepid up to that point, but I partially blame the writing. Of course, by the time those scenes aired, she'd been fired and Paige's fate was sealed. But hey, she got an Emmy for her trouble.

Social Media for the Week of 10/16
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Oct 20 2017, 07:49 PM
But what if Rolf came along and injected it with something to put it back together?!
You never know......anything is possible, especially with RC writing!!
Y'all are hilarious.

I hope that ghost Serena doesn't appear in that gawd awful leopard-print dress she was wearing when she died. It looked like she was going to a Halloween party dressed as Wilma Flintstone. She should be in some nice flowing white robes that look lovely with Melissa's gorgeous auburn hair.

PS: I'm really happy for you, Aqua! :)

Spoilers for the Week of October 23rd
Oct 14 2017, 10:04 PM
OMG Kassie DePaiva is finally appearing as Eve again very soon!!!! I'm so happy. I pray Eve's porn music is returning with her.
I have a feeling Eve will be returning because she hears about Will's resurrection. I'd love to see a scene where Eve finds Dr. Rolf and pleads with him that maybe he saved her Paige as well. When she learns he didn't, she'll be devastated. I really hope they play this beat. KDP is just so damn good!

Friday, October 13th Episode Discussion
Please forgive me if this has been discussed, but isn't it a felony for someone (family permission or not) to just dig up a grave with shovels? Wouldn't there need to be a police order, and wouldn't it be done with an actual grave digging device/backhoe by trained professionals? I mean, Will's coffin would be in a covered concrete vault with a lid weighing hundreds of pounds.

Just how are John and Paul going to accomplish this?

I know, I know... willing suspension of disbelief. But c'mon.

Social Media for the Week of 10/9
Oct 11 2017, 02:29 PM
Oct 11 2017, 12:19 PM
Oct 11 2017, 11:01 AM
Why did Scott's name get changed?
I don't remember a lot of details but Trish had left town and told David that she had left Timmy with someone who would take good care of him. After several months, David finally tracked Timmy down in LA, staying with Trish's mother. Trish was off in Europe. David took him back to Salem and renamed him then.
From the weekly synopses:

8/28/78-9/1/78: David wanted to change Timmy's name to Scott in honor of David's father.

9/4/78-9/8/78: Amy worked with David and cared for Scott, Timmy's new name.

And from Matt's 11/78 Digest scan:
Posted Image
I honestly didn't remember that Chris Kositchek had a younger sister named Amy. I don't think she was ever mentioned when Jake was revealed as the strangler. Wonder how long she was actually on the show.

I do remember an Amy in 1985 who linked up with Melissa, Pete, and Todd when they were on the run. But it was definitely not the same character.

Jensen Buchanan Arrested on DUI Charge After Causing a Traffic Collision
It's amazing she was even conscious enough to get in the car with a blood alcohol level that high. Awful story. How far she's fallen from the mid-90s when Another World was turned into "The Jensen Buchanan Hour."

Monday, October 9, 2017 Episode Discussion
Oct 9 2017, 12:49 PM
And just like that, my glimmer of hope is gone.
Serena is really dead. :(
Sorry, Aqua. :(

But, it was a long shot. At least Serena and Paige have gotten mentions. Poor Wendy the midwife is completely forgotten as one of his victims.

Jason47's Weekly Thread: Week of 10/2-10/8
Oct 6 2017, 08:08 PM
I really wanted to find out more about Serena's backstory. All we knew was that she didn't get along well with her mother. Nothing was ever mentioned about her father. They could be anyone. Sadly, we never will. :(
I got the impression that they had bigger plans for Serena to have family ties in Salem, but those just went to pot when they were considering which characters to target for the big 50th storyline. Of course, Days has been known to hire experienced and talented soap actors like MA in roles that are limited in scope and serve a single storyline. It's unfortunate that the writers lost interest in Serena.

And not to beat a dead horse, BUT that's why it would have made sense to bring in MA as a character with ties to the current canvas. If she had been Sarah Horton, they could have played the storyline as written, including the African relationship with Eric, the ties to Xander, and the blood diamonds (including that DAMN elephant!). Then, once the story played out, she'd still have a place in Salem and could move into other storylines. Finally, MA and GV had chemistry, so a Sarah/Eric/Nicole triangle could have been more compelling than having Serena solely as a spoiler for Ericole. Hell, if they had kept Paul Telfer, you could throw Xander into the mix.

Sorry to be so long-winded. I just think they missed a golden opportunity to have MA as a permanent member of the cast. She belongs in Salem.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 Episode Discussion
Oct 4 2017, 11:58 AM
Andre/Jen have bubble machines they start sending out bubbles as Abby/Chad KISS - show ends
Now Andre is arranging for priests and blowing bubbles.


Social Media for the Week of 10/2
Oct 4 2017, 11:36 AM
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Oct 3 2017, 05:57 PM
A few more pics from the "Doug's Place" scene that got cut from Friday's episode: https://soaphub.com/days-of-our-lives/dougs-place-reborn-scene-nobody-saw/
Thanks for that wonderful share. I love the pictures but even better was the old clip from Doug's Place by the Lake.

I saw Marlena/Don, Maggie/Mickey, Julie, Trish, Neil/Liz. Then I think Renee DiMera?
If you mean the woman at the end of the clip, that's Lee Dumonde (Renee's sister/mother). Renee wasn't in Salem yet at this time.
And what an entrance she made! Brenda Benet was just absolutely divine, with such remarkable screen presence.

It would be easy to mistake Lee for Renee. The physical resemblance between Brenda and Philece was uncanny, and there was only 10 years age difference between them.

Jason47's Weekly Thread: Week of 10/2-10/8
However, I think if Serena and Paige were alive, we'd have heard about True and Melissa being back on set by now.

Jason47's Weekly Thread: Week of 10/2-10/8
zen zen life
Oct 4 2017, 03:28 AM
Oct 3 2017, 03:39 PM

Posted Image

With Ben saying that Will is alive, fans have been wondering about the possibility that Paige and Serena could also be alive. Today, Ben indicated to JJ that Paige is dead. Do you believe him? Paige's mother, Eve, returns later this month.
You are getting my hopes up!
Quite honestly, I'd be fine with Paige and Serena turning up alive as well. It doesn't mean the characters need to stay on the show. Paige could make peace with JJ and Eve and head to Stanford. Serena could return to her work in Africa. (Although I'd rather Melissa Archer stay as Sarah Horton).

The best reason for Paige, Serena, and the midwife to be alive is because it would mean Ben hadn't killed anyone and RSW could stay on the show.

Of course, being a serial killer doesn't mean you can't have a productive life in Salem. :rolleyes:

Monday, October 2, 2017 Episode Discussion
Oct 2 2017, 07:51 AM
Wouldn't be surprised if the show doesn't air today.
Yes, and given the severity of the situation, it's okay.

Prayers for the victims and their families.

Social Media for the Week of 10/2
Oct 2 2017, 07:51 AM
I'm not sure if this was already posted, but Jen Lilley gave an interview and shared some thoughts on Theresa.

ďSheís promiscuous. But as an actress, you have the opportunity that when that guy leaves, you get to play the unscripted silence. The unscripted silence is the void thatís still there. You see this guilt wash over her thatís like, ĎThat didnít fill me. Iím still empty, so Iím turning to drugs now. And thatís not filling me.í What happened was, as an actress, I was able to force the writerís hand in some ways, because now they have to tell that story. What is going to bring her fulfillment? By the time I left, Theresa becomes this selfless, amazing individual. They built a church set, the girl goes in, and she prays to Jesus and [says], ĎI canít do this without You. I didnít know where else to turn. I know Iím not a model citizen, but I donít know what else to do.í It was so amazing.'

Here's part of it.

My prayer to the soap gods:

"Please don't ever let her return to Salem. PLEASE!"