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Two and a Half Men star calls show 'Filth,' Urges Fans to Stop Watching!
Doesn't matter who says what about the show at this point. It's pretty much accepted that it's over at the end of this season. Hey Angus, how about donating all that money you've made to the church? :rolleyes:

About.com comings and goings: Another big return?
Oh drat! All this time I was hoping it would be Philece Sampler as Renee. :D

It's Love for Sonny and Will
C'mon Lucas, don't tell your son that his boyfriend told you he's in love with him. Will needs to hear that for the first time from SONNY, not his dad!!! :blink:

About.com comings and goings: Another big return?
Nov 15 2012, 03:22 AM
Oh man, just watched that Salem Stalker clip, worst fucking storyline ever! Actually, I remember being intrigued at the time wondering who they would kill off next and what their explanation for it would be. Then we got Melaswen and Tony/Andre as the mastermind and the incredibly lame explanations of how he did it. Huge pile of crap!

Which makes me wonder now, if the Tony they brought back a couple years ago was the real Tony and it was Andre, as well as him being Andre from the Aremid days, then Kristen was never married to Tony, she was married to Andre, right?
Yup, Kristin was married to Andre. The real Tony hadn't been seen since he disappeared on the foggy pier in 1985.

I don't think Tony's dead. I think he's living with an also-not-dead Renee on Stefano's island. :laugh:

About.com comings and goings: Another big return?
Nov 14 2012, 05:39 AM
Nov 14 2012, 02:02 AM
Nov 14 2012, 01:53 AM
Nov 14 2012, 01:34 AM
Zombie Tom Horton? That's as "vet" as you get.
Well we have already had "Floating Head Tom Horton" so I guess anything is possible with this show. :shrug:
I am truly sad to say that I have no idea what this is. Please share your wisdom with me, Mitch.

(Also, have you had your baby yet?!)
it was during the Salem Stalker storyline... he was sort of like a guardian angel to Alice

here's a scene where he chases Marlena out of the Horton house after she tries to kill Alice

This is so well acted by Deidre and Francis, but what a load of bullshit this storyline was. It served up a temporary bump in ratings and some media play, but that was about it. Maybe if they'd had the balls to leave the victims dead and actually kill Marlena off, it would have worked, but the Melaswen resolution to the story was a heaping hump of fetid garbage. :soapbox:

About.com comings and goings: Another big return?
It's Eugene Bradford with Calliope in tow! :D

Episode # 8067 (6/24/97) will air on Friday 11/23!
Does anyone know what the contractual obligations to pay actors who are no longer on contract when classic episodes air? Do residuals kick in for soap actors?

October 2012 Episode Rankings & Stats
Way too much reliance on Sweeney/Scott/Gering. Will this show ever have balance again?