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Search for Tomorrow Discussion
Aug 18 2011, 10:56 PM
Thanks so much. What about the Metcalfes? I have seen an episode with Allison & Fred and his interfering mother. Do you remember anything abouth their story? I was a late SFT watcher, first seeing Wendy run away from home, working as a waitress and calling herself "Dawn". Spence Langley (Timothy Patrick Murphy) chatted her up at the counter. You think of TPM's 1980 youth and promise, and then so effective on "Dallas" as Mickey. It seems so poignant to recall him like that- and sad.
TPM had so much potential. He was so talented, handsome and had that innate star quality. I really believe he would have been a force in the industry. :frownie:

Weekly Character Discussion: Stefano
I'd love to see an episode in which Stefano has a near-death experience in which he is "visited" by the spirits of his four dead children, who taunt and chastise him for his past sins. Tony (whom he raised but is not biologically his) could blame him for separating him from Renee and kidnapping him to replace him with Andre; Megan would taunt him for abandoning her as a child and giving her to Max Hathaway to raise; and Benji and Renee would truly cut him down to size, as he was directly responsible for both of their deaths through his "creation" of Andre. Having Thaao Penghlis, Philece Sampler, Cherly-Ann Wilson (now Miranda Wilson), and the actor who played the adult Benji (his name escapes me) would be a blast and could bring some closure for Stefano. It would also be a fun way to revisit some forgotten history.

NBC Photos: All time couples
Titus Andronicus
Feb 5 2012, 09:22 PM
No Calliope and Eugene, Roman and Diana, John and Kristen, Tony and Anna, Tony and Renee, Marlena and Don, Neil and Liz (but Neil and Amanda?), but a whole bunch of newer couples. I know I've quit watching in the past three years, but have they really established that many decent couples?

I guess it's a double-edged sword and Days certainly doesn't want to admit that the old days (pardon the pun) were that much better.
Absolutely on all of these, especially Tony and his two women, Renee and Anna!

Also Mike and Robin, Mike and Trish, Josh and Jessica, Alex and Marie, Chris and Savannah (lots of wasted potential there) hell even Alex and Emma (who were fun and snarky) over some of these crap-tastic couples.

SOD/SOW: Marriage Shocker for John and Hope!
I cannot, nor will I ever buy into EJ being John and Hope's son now that he's had one of the worst cases of SORAS in soap history. The thought that Hope could be mother to a character EJ's age is ludicrous at best. Kristian Alfonso looks more like she could be James Scott's sister but certainly not his mommy. What bullshit. :redface: