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Spoilers for wk of April 4th
Mar 24 2011, 10:03 AM
Just hope they get rid of Rafe, story is beyond stupid. Anna could tell just by kissing Andre he wasn't Tony and Sami has sex with the guy and cant tell the difference.

hope they dont kill Phillip off, he's a good character they could bring back at some time.

Faye - whatever.
Actually, it was Renee who immediately knew that Andre wasn't Tony and that's why he killed her. Anna was duped by Andre for months and when she finally realized he wasn't Tony, he locked her up with Tony in the secret room in the Dimera mansion.

Good storyline that was!

Casey & Chandler on ACME Cele Improv Mush up
ITA. Will's "budding romance" with Gabi seems utterly forced. There's no chemistry and when they kiss, it's like watching a pre-teen practice kissing on his older cousin. All Will has to do is glance at Chad and you can see the fireworks.

I have a feeling the execs can see it too, because it seems like they're keeping Casey and Chandler out of scenes together. The chemistry is undeniable!