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Short-Lived Soap Characters That You Hated
Mar 2 2013, 09:20 PM
Rick from Another World. he was so skeezy and triggering. The way he could basically sexually assault and stalk women(Jenna) with a smile on his face. UGH. Makes me want to take a cold shower or five. Also,does Olivia count? I dont know how long she stayed,but Im sure it was too long. I could not deal with her screeching about Aunt Liz and I DESPISED the way she said Sam's name. Hated everything about her. Probably most annoying AW character ever. Also was not too fond of Kathleen. Or Kelsey. But at least Kelsey distracted John long enough to make him lose interest in Frankie. That storyline was a bit creepy to me.
I agree about both Rick and Olivia. Another short-lived character I utterly detested was Daphne Grimaldi. She blew into town, caused havoc with her poisoned dust, and blew out again. She did try to come between Cass and Kathleen - which was great for me because I was not a Kathleen fan.

Rick Porter (ex-Larry Ewing, AW) Has Died
Much too young. I loved Rick as Larry. Such a handsome guy, he was one of the first true good-guy cops I remember on soaps (much in the vein of DOOL's Roman), and he also had wonderful chemistry with "wife" Gail Brown (Clarice) and "brother" Thomas Ian Griffith (Catlin).