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Jason47's From the Vault:
It's kind of sad that Chris never really had a true long-term pairing on the show. By the time the super couple trend of the 80s came around, he was serving the role of everyone's perpetual best friend. Sure, he had flings with Tess Jannings and Savannah Wilder, but they never amounted to much. He and Savannah were great together, but for some reason the show decided to release Shannon Tweed.

I loved the way Chris was a supporting friend to Renee during the Anna/Tony/Renee/David mess. He gave such a moving eulogy at her memorial service. Had she lived, I think there might have been hope for the two as a couple.

Short-Lived Soap Characters That You Hated
Mar 2 2013, 09:20 PM
Rick from Another World. he was so skeezy and triggering. The way he could basically sexually assault and stalk women(Jenna) with a smile on his face. UGH. Makes me want to take a cold shower or five. Also,does Olivia count? I dont know how long she stayed,but Im sure it was too long. I could not deal with her screeching about Aunt Liz and I DESPISED the way she said Sam's name. Hated everything about her. Probably most annoying AW character ever. Also was not too fond of Kathleen. Or Kelsey. But at least Kelsey distracted John long enough to make him lose interest in Frankie. That storyline was a bit creepy to me.
I agree about both Rick and Olivia. Another short-lived character I utterly detested was Daphne Grimaldi. She blew into town, caused havoc with her poisoned dust, and blew out again. She did try to come between Cass and Kathleen - which was great for me because I was not a Kathleen fan.

Y&R: Jeanne Cooper Heads Back!
Grande dame definitely applies to both Katherine and Jeanne. She's uncensored and fabulous. Love her to pieces! :blulaugh:

Rick Porter (ex-Larry Ewing, AW) Has Died
Much too young. I loved Rick as Larry. Such a handsome guy, he was one of the first true good-guy cops I remember on soaps (much in the vein of DOOL's Roman), and he also had wonderful chemistry with "wife" Gail Brown (Clarice) and "brother" Thomas Ian Griffith (Catlin).


Y&R: Hollywood Heights Melissa Ordway is New Abby
Mar 7 2013, 12:10 AM
That bold bad ass Jill Farren, don't play I've stated countless times on this forum how chiefly this bitch is and when she set sights on who she really wants,,, best believe it will come to pass.. Another World watchers know what I'm talking about.

Preach! JFP tried to turn Another World into ER (complete with the new, total rip-off opening) and focused on the characters and actors she wanted, audience be damned. And don't even get me started on what she did to Frankie. She can deny it all she wants, but Ryan's death and Frankie's gruesome murder (orchestrated by that hack-of-all-hacks Maggot DeBitch) ultimately lay at her feet, and less than three years later, Another World was gone. :soapbox:

I really fear that any short-term gains Y&R might make will ultimately be overshadowed by JFP's ego, which will harm the show. She has shown she doesn't learn from her mistakes.

Spoilers for the week of March 18th
Mar 11 2013, 10:31 AM
Ok, so I COMPLETELY understand Nicole getting hot and bothered over Vargas. I felt the same way when I first saw him. He is HAWT! However, IDK why but it almost mitigates the strength of her feelings for Eric. I know it shouldn't but it feels that way to me. hey, maybe the girl is frustrated and sees Vargas not only as a hot substitute but someone she can actually have (single + not married to the church). So, I'm giving it a side eye but not passing judgment until I see it play out.

As for the rest, I don't care enough to comment on them.
Oh, I do agree completely. I was thinking how much I'd like to be his prison bitch. Well, without the prison, that is. :blulaugh:

Nick's true motives revealed
Mar 1 2013, 01:31 AM
Feb 28 2013, 11:50 PM
.....unless the writers keep writing for him like his 10.
Well, he is barely 21 and few guys that age have their acts together. Add to that the tumultuous family life he has had and the sudden realization he likes d--- and not p----, it's not exactly unrealistic that he would behave out of sorts from time to time.

Oh, and its a soap opera. Where's the drama when everything goes smoothly?
ITA. I've worked with college students for more than 20 years, and their maturity runs the gamut. Will and Sonny are living at two entirely different places in terms of their maturity. Will is a product of his unfortunate childhood, in which he was manipulated by his mother and pulled incessantly between she and his father. Sonny had a positive upbringing and is in a much more solid emotional state. I think that actually makes them a viable couple. Sonny wants to help Will become his own man.

I believe it's realistic that both Will and Sonny behave the way they do.