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Friday, April 26th Daily Discussion
Thanks for posting that, Jason. Still makes me cry after all these years. :'(

Friday, April 26th Daily Discussion
She was utterly fantastic as Lee. I often wondered how the Lee/Stefano storyline would have played out if not for Brenda's untimely death. I think it would have been an epic romance revisited. I bet Renee would never have been killed off the show either had Lee remained. The DiMeras as a core family would have been quite different, and it could have ultimately changed the course of the show's history, as Stefano may have been redeemed by Lee.

We'll never know. :unsure:

Exclusive: OLTL's Tuc Watkins Opens Up to Marie Osmond About Being a Gay Dad
Love him! I wish Desperate Housewives had expanded his role more. He wasn't nearly used to his capabilities. Talented guy.

Former Y & R Soap Star Says She Ended Up Broke & Homeless
Oh goody, Brenda's back. Let the fun and insanity begin!!

Wednesday, April 24th Daily Discussion
Chad & Abigail_D
Apr 24 2013, 07:48 AM
I'd say it's Tracy Middendorf :)

Ah, yes, I forgot about her. Or maybe I've just blocked her out of my memory intentionally. I was not a fan. :D

Wednesday, April 24th Daily Discussion
Who is the lady behind Frances and Crystal? Is it Arianna Chase who briefly played Kim or someone else?

Thursday, April 18th Daily Discussion
I read an interview with Tammy Taylor (ex-Hope) recently and she seems like such a lovely person. She had flattering things to say about Kristian Alfonso and how the character of Hope had become a tent pole on the show. She didn't seem bitter at all that she had not been the actress to portray Hope as an adult.

Info on new roles being cast for July & beyond
It would be great if they brought back Anne Marie Martin as Gwen Davies to be John's lawyer. She's a face from the 80s that I'd love to see on the show again, even in a limited guest appearance.

Australia's Channel 9 to drop 'Days'
I LOVE the fact that Leann Hunley (ex-Anna) is mentioned among the "glamorous women" of the 80s with Kristian and Deidre. Why oh why isn't Leann on the show? She's made it clear she'd love to be in Salem full time, and we need Anna. Few actresses on Days have been able to do great comedy and gripping drama within the same episode. She's a class act all the way.

Old DAYS Headwriter Interview from 2000
Nice to remember that Corday was as much of a colossal, babbling tool back then as he is now. TFP! It was a fun (and unintentionally funny) read.

Jay Leno in Days of Our Lives - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
James Scott in a silk bathrobe gets me every time. :wub:

Soapnet Promo for week of 4/1
Apr 2 2013, 08:13 PM
I promise to give the show bonus points if the club where Cameron is dancing at is named Beefcakes.
It is, and Pete Jannings is now the manager. :blulaugh:

Rick Porter (ex-Larry Ewing, AW) Has Died
Harlee Kin
Mar 30 2013, 10:21 PM
Rest in Peace, the Ewings are passing in numbers.
I was going to ask which other Ewing from AW had passed away, then I realized you were talking about Larry Hagman/J.R. :-/