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SOW:Victor and Vivian Wed
I guess we can now add Maggie to Vivian's hit list, meaning Maggie will be yet another suspect when Viv ends up murdered. That's so obviously where this will eventually go. I love Louise Sorel, but Vivian has become so over-the-top evil this go-round, it begs for a good murder mystery. Here's hoping!

Thaao Interview in SOD
Lovely article. I sure do miss him. I truly wish that Corday had the sense to keep Tony on the canvas, especially now that Leann is back.

It would have been a great storyline to have E.J. turn out to be the child of Tony and a still-alive Renee Dimera, the result of their lovemaking the night she was "murdered." Could have been some classic soap material involving Thaao, Leann, James, Joseph M., and Philece Sampler (ex-Renee), and it would have given the Dimeras high drama and a magnificent long-term story arch. Renee returning to claim what's hers (her son, Tony, the Dimera fortune) and fighting Stefano could have been golden and would also involve supporting characters like Kate, Lexie, and Abe as well.