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Jason47's Weekly Thread: Week of 5/25-5/31
May 27 2015, 02:39 AM
May 26 2015, 12:46 PM
I wonder what Jason defines as a "long time." Are we talking Shawn/Belle long time (2008) or Don Craig long time (1985)?
I vote Don Craig, returning from the mailbox.

I'm on the Gloria Loring/Liz Chandler Curtis bandwagon, but Jed Allan/Don Craig would be a blast. Especially if Don walked into the 50th gala with a stamped envelope in his hand, tossed it down on the bar and ordered a martini. :D

Also, his date for the evening would be ... Gwen Davies! Loved me some Anne Marie Martin!

SOD: Thaao Penghlis Returns and A Martinez Joins
We all know that Tony is definitely the more viable long-term character, so let's hope it's him. Also, if he's playing Tony, there's some hope that Leann could return as Anna. There's probably less of a chance she'd be brought back if he's Andre. And I really really really want to see the topic "Leann Hunley Returns on Contract" on this board!

Promo for the Week of 5/11
May 8 2015, 05:56 PM
I don't really have any expectation that the Marlena/Stefano scenes ( or any Marlena/John/Stefano,etc) to be as powerful as they were in the past given that JM cannot really stand on his own for any signifcant period of time,his apparent arthritis,and based on the discussion in the daily thread about the apparent use of cue cards.I think that all involved will do the best they can with the material given to them but I believe its unrealistic to expect the same powerful scenes of the past.
ITA. If Joe is reaching the true end of his run, he deserves to be given some strong material and allow Stefano to have closure. Marlena is a psychiatrist ... let the whole 30-year relationship end with Stefano taking ownership of his own misery and admitting to the women he has tortured that HE is the one responsible for the pathos of his life.

If Joe is going to leave, his finals scenes should be with Dee. And I want lots of flashbacks!

Promo for the Week of 5/11
Stefano just irks the damn shit out of me at this point. He's all up in arms because Marlena "killed" his daughter, yet he has absolutely no problem with the fact that HE is directly responsible for the deaths of three of his other children. I want to see Stefano face the evils that HE has done and admit his culpability in the destruction of his own family. It's LONG overdue. And JM would knock it out of the park!

SOD Blurb on Johnson family
How beautiful is Mary Beth Evans? :wub:

SOD: Eve's Risky Trap for JJ
Maybe Cole will lose his shit, set a trap to kill JJ, and Paige will accidentally walk into it. End of story. :pray:

Friday, May 1st Daily Discussion
If they had really wanted to infuse something unexpected into this ridiculous story, at least one of the "good guys" should have died saving the baby. And it should have been Melanie, since MB is leaving anyway. Kristen could have landed on her as she entered the castle. Would've been some damn good comedy to boot.