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39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards: Live Viewing Thread
Sorry if this has already been discussed, but Greg Meng came across as a boozy, babbling dumbass on the red carpet with Deidre. He actually spouted the KC line about Days being successful because it's "...all about traditional, mid-Western values." I almost gagged on my martini.

I just couldn't believe how he came across as a grinning idiot, smiling blankly. Meanwhile, Deidre was gorgeous and classy, as always.

Examiner interview with Kristian Alfonso
Too bad they couldn't spell her name properly.

Greg Meng Q&A with MSN.com
Jun 22 2012, 02:50 PM
Did you get this person, or is it in the works?

Yes. Thatís all Iím going to say!

Eileen Davidson :rockon:

Tuesday, June 19th Daily Discussion

First time I've cried in years (about the show, that is).

SOD: Peter Reckell Exit News
Jun 15 2012, 06:38 AM
There is no Bo without Fancy Face....Sorry but I'm positive they can't pull it off. I wish PR the best of luck but it's been Bo and Hope for this fan since 1983....Nobody else has the chemistry they do.
THIS!! I've been in love with both of them since their first scenes in the summer of 1983. I feel like I've grown up with Peter and Kristian (I'm just two years younger than she). There's been so much destruction of legacy characters that the loss of Peter stings even more than it would if the show were on really sound footing story- and character-wise.

Lexie Dies
Jun 14 2012, 01:45 PM
I bet the 'spirit hovering' thing is what Renee meant when she said that they do something to ensure Lexie won't come back from the dead. Memo to Renee: Stranger things have happened in Salem. They'll just write it that Theo was on drugs when he saw her.
Well, if Renee decides to come back she can always play her early 80s role of Nikki Wade. It could be written that Lexie and Nikki were twins and Celeste gave Nikki up for adoption to keep her away from Stefano. Of course, Nikki was still in town after Stefano arrived, but she was such a minor character they could still pull it off.

Spoiler about Will/Neil & Sonny/Justin/Adrienne
When I saw Neil I immediately thought it was about Neil Curtis, a.k.a. Joe Gallison. Lol. I've been watching this show too long.

A return visit from THAT Neil would be lovely, as long as he doesn't have sex with Will. :D