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Tuesday, June 28th Episode Discussion
Jun 28 2016, 11:22 AM
Dario tells Summer to calm down. she's panicking and he tells her you can't run.
Is it too much to hope that Dario will be ushered off canvas with Summer? He's hot, but I just can't with him anymore. So vapid.

Anyone know if JV is still taping?

Monday, June 27th Episode Discussion
Jun 26 2016, 04:36 PM
Happy Monday!

What do you remember about this couple?

Posted Image

On today's show:
A twisted friendship begins between Andre and Kate.
Brady chastises Theresa who admits she's still insecure about Summer.
Chloe is horrified to learn that Kate is setting Nicole up to take the fall for Deimos' murder.
Brady and Theresa announce to Maggie, Victor and Summer that they're getting married in August.

Michael Leon has got to be one of the most elusive former Days stars out there. He pretty much left acting after Days, according to IMDB, and there are no current pictures of him to be found anywhere online.

I was hoping he'd show up at the 50th celebration, but he didn't. Surely he was invited, considering he was on contract for four years. :shrug:

Is Jack alive?
Well, considering that in his previous "death" in 2003, there was a body and his organs were harvested for others, I'd say there's a pretty good chance of him being alive this go 'round. It's not that much of a stretch, at least not for Days.

Social Media for the Week of 6/20
Jun 20 2016, 11:18 PM
I like JPL, and I like him as Philip. I'm excited to see Philip and Chloe interact!
Having JPL on the show makes me wish Melissa Archer were still there even more than I already do. It would have been interesting to see if they still had chemistry.

Tuesday, June 14th Episode Discussion
Jun 14 2016, 01:13 PM
I think the character of Nicole should retire to a convent.
I agree, but only if Kate and Victor retire to a cemetery. :blulaugh:

Social Media for the Week of 6/13
Jun 13 2016, 12:34 PM
Because it's Monday, and we all could use a little Greg Vaughan in our lives! :wub2: :wub: :blowkiss:

I could use A LOT of Greg Vaughan in my life!!! :$ :wub:

Social Media for the Week of 6/6
Jun 7 2016, 10:49 AM
Jun 7 2016, 10:12 AM
Jun 7 2016, 09:58 AM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep
While I agree with you that something needs to occur before the Olympic hiatus, I'd prefer it not be a double wedding with John and Marlena involved. I'd prefer a quiet little ceremony--no muss, no fuss, a la 2002, but without the horrible costumes--that's about the fans and this couple's 30-year history. Because this is the LAST TIME this needs to happen. J&M, as much as I love them, are wedding-ed out. How many have they had--like five? Enough. Waste the poorly-written, plot point party on other characters.
If we're choosing quiet ceremonies, 2006 is the winner for her dress alone lol

I like the private ones too but it would be nice to have belle and Claire and even Brady and Tate lol. Paul's around too. Maybe Eric can skype from jail! Too bad Carrie is persona non grata
Oh, whether the ceremony is large or intimate, don't count on Brady being there. That's the day he has to pumice Maggie's feet for her. :rolleyes:

Monday, June 6th Episode Discussion
camera shy
Jun 6 2016, 12:35 PM
Jun 6 2016, 12:29 PM
I love Nicole, but if she countinu talking about dead dirty Tan I want her to leave the show and come back fresh and not remembering anything about him, and be tough and strong she used to be. I'm so sick of her pitty cry for useless dead Taniel. Enough with this crap character. He wasn't a legacy character, he was just obsessed dr who couldn't stopped targeting his female patients so he can have a sex with them for his own satisfaction.
I've heard of beating a dead horse, but Nicole is beating a dead orangutan. :blulaugh:
I swear, with all this ongoing ridiculous Daniel grief (almost 6 months now!), when Sonny returns, we'd better see some mourning for Will. I want to see him at Will's grave talking to him about how he wishes they could have worked things out and how much he misses him. Did Jack get this kind of mourning? Did Bo? :redface:

Monday, June 6th Episode Discussion
Jun 5 2016, 05:42 PM
Posted Image

^ spoiler pic that's been floating around for a week or two.

Posted Image

^ spoiler pic from soaps.com(soaps.sheknows)

TV Source has a photo of the same scene, but the characters are slightly differently positioned,
and TVSource has it labeled for Monday June 6th.
The TVSource version shows Tate crying even more.
Boy, do these two photos sum up Brady's character or what?

Oblivious and vapid in the first, outright dumb in the second. I hope Brady gets better writing once Teresa is gone, because EM deserves better. Brady needs a new brain and a new heart (pun intended).

Wednesday, June 1st Episode Discussion
Jun 1 2016, 02:11 PM
I have no words for Kate.
I have a few words for her. :D

Honestly, I know LK has her fans, but Kate has run her course. They clearly don't have a clue what to do with her. I would have been okay with her being one of Ben's victims.