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Thursday, June 29th Episode Discussion
Jun 29 2017, 01:33 PM
Leave it to Days to suck all the drama and intrigue out of a murder mystery party involving half the town. I thought I was going to fall asleep today. I miss when this show felt like a soap.
So lame. I was hoping for something along the lines of Renee's party and murder, but, oh yeah, Sheri Anderson is a talented writer, not a hack, and fans actually cared about Renee. ^o)

Thursday, June 29th Episode Discussion
Jun 29 2017, 11:19 AM
Nic feels unsteady-has to get out & tells Eric not to touch her or sit w/her on bed; Nic tells Eric he'd be last person
No offense to Ari, but fuck you, Nicole!

Time for her days in Salem to end... :flipoff:

Thursday, June 22nd Episode Discussion
Jun 21 2017, 06:41 PM
Posted Image
This photo bring back such good memories. How I long for THIS show. 1981-1989 was when I was most hooked and rarely missed an episode. The early 80s with Roman/Marlena and Anna/Tony/Renee/David, then the introduction of Bo and the return of teenage Hope, had me rushing home from school to watch the taped show on our new Betamax (!!!). Then in the mid-to-late 80s, I scheduled my college classes around the show so I could watch in the student union with about 75 other fans.

I vividly remember crying with my Mom when Bo was cradling Roman's lifeless body on the beach. :'(

Great times...

Jason47's Weekly Thread: Week of 6/12-6/18
Jun 18 2017, 01:22 AM
But I do like the idea of either Melissa or Sarah coming back to Salem. If Maggie is to have a storyline, let it be with her real children. No more stupid egg babies or horribly contrived illegitimate children (I still shudder at the crapfest that was Summer :angry: ). A good storyline might be either Melissa or Sarah finally coming back to Salem and disapproving of her marriage to Victor, blaming most of the bad things that have happened to her in the last few years on him. This could lead to some interesting conflict between her daughters and Victor, with Maggie caught in the middle and forced to face some harsh truths.
I love your ideas for Victor/Maggie and at least one of Maggie's daughters being a spoiler.

I truly want Sarah to come home and I want Melissa Archer to play her. RC, are you listening? MA was so good for this show, but she was given a one-note character in Serena. She and SR look like mother/daughter and they're both strong actors. I think it could really turn Maggie around as a character.

Jason47's Weekly Thread: Week of 6/12-6/18
Jun 16 2017, 07:46 AM
MA should have been Sarah Horton instead of Serena.
I'd love to see MA as Sarah and have Eric be absolutely discombobulated by how much she resembles Serena.

Jason47's Weekly Thread: Week of 6/12-6/18
Jun 16 2017, 06:33 AM
One thing that gives me hope that maybe, just maybe RC would bring her back is, when she was fired, he said to MA, on twitter, it was a huge loss for DAYS. (I will forever hope she will return as someone!) He loved writing for her on OLTL.
If RC really is a fan of MA, maybe we'll finally get Sarah Horton. I'm hoping that Ron will make Maggie tolerable again (i.e. end the marriage to Victor, forget about her Egg Baby, let her focus on the Hortons), bring Sarah on full-time, and give us a visit or two from Melissa (Lisa Trusel).

Thursday, June 15th Episode Discussion
I can't help but wonder if Jane Elliot would have returned for a brief story arc after leaving GH had the timing been right. She might have enjoyed revisiting Anjelica for a few months before retiring for good.

Now THAT would have gotten me excited!

Spoilers for the week of June 26th
Jun 14 2017, 08:55 AM
Jun 14 2017, 08:49 AM
Martin House = dead Deimos
Yes, please! A big, formal party with most of the cast in attendance at which a murder is committed. The show did these a few times in the 80s, first with Renee's "fuck you, Salem" party, followed by the New Year's Eve party when Emma Donovan Marshall was killed, then the Halloween party where Emilio was pushed out a window.

Social Media for the Week of 6/5
Jun 14 2017, 12:10 AM
Jun 13 2017, 11:45 PM
I'm sure we will get a ton of retconning for Will, and I don't have a clue how they will pull it off. I just hope it's not as bad as Aiden's doppelganger coming in at the last second right before he tried to kill Hope. Rumor has it RSW is returning, so i am sure there will be a flashback to the murder that they had to shoot with Chandler's Will.

It's also not beyond Ron to write a storyline about the afterlife and characters interacting in heaven, he had done it a few times on OLTL. I'm just curious how it will play out.
I think the easiest (and least sci-fi) explanation would be that Will was abducted in LA and replaced by a doppelganger. It gets around the whole back from the dead - and reanimation - issue, but it's relatively soon after the weird Aiden doppelganger story. I just want Will to have been held by the DiMeras and/or Dr. Rolf since a switch or since the time of Will's "death." Maybe a Secret Room redux?
It'll probably turn out that Kristen abducted Will and replaced him with a doppelganger as revenge for Marlena pushing her out the window.

But it would be a lot more of a surprise if it was an un-dead Dimera like Megan or Renee who has Will. I'm ready to get away from all of Dena's predictability and to get some real surprises.

Social Media for the Week of 6/5
Jun 12 2017, 01:13 PM
So, I know it's a soap and anything is possible, but in terms of bringing characters back from the dead there is a lot of physiology and spiritual issues that need to be addressed. When most characters actually "die" onscreen and are later brought back, it's usually addressed that someone switched their bodies right before they died and they were brought someplace to heal and recover (usually by Stefano). Same goes for bodies that were never found after an accident. Sometimes the person has amnesia and just shows up, and other times they have very foggy memories of what happened to them.

In Will's case, it sounds like Dr. Rolf will be resurrecting him and possibly other characters too. Resurrection will be a whole different set of circumstances because for one, Will's corpse will have been decomposing in his grave for the last 2 years, and two, assuming there is an afterlife on Days (especially since so many spirits come back to visit their loved ones), will Will remember dying and moving on and have memories of what his soul was doing in heaven (or wherever) for the last 2 years? Just something I've been thinking about.
I really don't think Dr. Rolf is going to be reanimating corpses that have been buried for years. That's crossing a line into science fiction that's really too much to swallow, even for a show that has done demonic possession, brain chips, and teenagers descending to earth in space ships. Lol.

I'm thinking it will turn out that Dr. Rolf has been hiding somewhere in Salem for years and was able to resuscitate the characters shortly after their deaths, similar to what happened with Marlena's "victims." At least that scenario has a degree of plausibility. Growing flesh and organs back onto decomposed corpses ( :yuk: ) does not.

Tuesday, June 13th Episode Discussion
Jun 13 2017, 05:43 AM
Jun 12 2017, 05:52 PM
I don't get the whole Kate and Andre thing. I hope they don't fall in love for real
I hate how they have made Andre an everyday citizen. He is the same lunatic that created melaswen and pinned the entire town of murders on Marlena. Took half of Salem away from their families and then tried world domination lol not to mention the whole castle thing where he took Marlena and roman(Kate's husband at the time) prisoner among others. He is one they should have kept as a tormentor that had people on the edge of their seats not knowing when or if he was going to show up. Next week they will have him knitting and making Alice Horton doughnuts.
Let's not forget that Andre actually murdered five women in 1983-1984 by stabbing them to death as the Salem Slasher. At least the "victims" were alive in the Melaswen nonsense. He's a cold-blooded serial killer and I truly hope RC addresses this. Have Marlena and Roman forgotten that he killed their friend Renee and Marlena's beloved cousin Trista?

Monday, June 5th Episode Discussion
Jun 5 2017, 11:43 PM
Anyone else find this pairing of Kate and Andre to be totally idiotic???

I haven't watch the last 2 episodes and nothing I am reading inspires me to do so.

The mention of Peter at best just makes me laugh. What did Dena really think she was doing?

Andre should be dead and buried. There's no reason why Thaao shouldn't have been brought back as Tony, who was actually a complex, multifaceted character and not a cartoon. Andre is a serial killer and has no place walking free; it's laughable that Kate wants to marry him. Of course, she is totally irrelevant at this point.

If they need to make cast cuts, they can start with these two AFAIC.

Monday, June 5th Episode Discussion
Jun 5 2017, 02:12 AM
Personally I don't find Raines hot. The actor is 45 and doesn't look younger to me.
No offense, but what does his age (or looking his age) have to do with his physical attractiveness? You can be 45+ and still be "hot."