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Another World: Frankie is Murdered.
Oh, and the REAL problem was when it became the "Jensen Buchanan Show." God, I was so freaking sick of Vicky, and Jake deserved so much more than being yanked around by her. Tom Eplin was one of the best young soap actors, and the character of Jake was just wasted being second fiddle to Ryan and then Bobby/Shane. In all honesty, I think Vicky should have been one of Fax's vicitms rather than Frankie. The show would have been so much better for it. :flipoff:

Another World: Frankie is Murdered.
Oh God, Kathleen was such a WIMP of a character. Julie Osborne was appealing enough, but Cass and Kathleen were just stomach churning. Frankie was obviously the love of his life. The chemistry between Stephen and Alice was so palpable, even they acknowledged in the soap press that it was unmistakeable.

Even though I'm crushed that AW ended, I'm happy that it was Alice's firing that set it all in motion.

As for Kathleen ... ugh, she and Cass were just milk-toast. Frankie had fire and passion!

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I'm just so freaking tired of Sami Brady. This show has fucking revolved around her for nearly 17 years, and I would love for her to just move on. I'm sure Ali Sweeney is a lovely person, but I wish she'd get picked up by a prime time show (other than Biggest Loser) so that we could be Sami free, at least for a while. If ever a character needed to be "rested" for 6 months or a year, it's her.

Just don't give a rats ass about her any more, and I don't care if she is a legacy character.

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I agree that this is probably Emily. Don't forget, Sami is a Brady, and it's a right of passage for every Brady to have a thought-to-be-dead spouse come back from the dead to interrupt a romance/marriage.

Roman/Marlena = Anna returned to interrupt his romance with Marlena
Kimberly/Shane = Emma Donovan returned
Kayla/Steve = Marina Toscano returned
Bo/Billie = Hope returned


Another World: Frankie is Murdered.
Alice Barrett was utterly brilliant, but I've vowed that I will *never* watch these scenes again. When they first aired I was literally shaking with pain and anger, and it made me sick to my stomach. This was the most extreme example of the total ineptitude of both a head writer and an executive producer, Margaret DePriest and Jill Farren Phelps, respectively. A huge write-in and call-in campaign was mounted to save Frankie. The soap mags wrote about it at length as viewers begged the show to spare this beloved character. When word got out about Frankie's impending demise and the audience uproar, the shit hit the fan. Phelps asked DePriest to write it so Frankie's body was not found, leaving the door open for a future return. But DePriest the hack and her gutless EP allowed it to move forward as written.

As far as I'm concerned, this was the beginning of the end of Another World (along with Ryan's death). What a waste. :redface:

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Yeah, RKK was supposedly a real piece of work ... an asswipe of the first order. He was fired from Another World for his boorish behavior, then rehired after he was fired from Days. AW brought him back as a new character, and the idiot EP Jill Farren Phelps fired fan-favorite Alice Barrett (Frankie) to free up budget for him. Hack writer Maggie DePriest (a.k.a Maggot DeButcher) crafted Frankie's violent murder. It was then that AW became "The Jensen Buchanan Show" when the entire soap focused on Vicky Hudson. "Oh, who will our damsel choose...Shane "Bobby Reno" Roberts or Jake McKinnon? Oh, horrors!" Gawd those were dark days for AW, and set the stage for the show's cancellation.

RKK needs to stay in his blue collar job in Canada and never darken another daytime drama.