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Daytime Royalty Interview with Meredith Scott Lynn
Sep 30 2013, 12:42 PM
I hope that she sticks around. Both Anne and Vargas were good additions to the canvas.
Vargas should still be there. I miss Sean Douglas a lot. I'd like to see Vargas become a friend to Hope when Bo dies or "dies." Then they could have a slow-burn romance. :wub2:

Daytime Royalty Interview with Joseph Mascolo
Love his line about Stefano not being a killer. Sure, he may not kill anyone, because he lets his minions do it for him. André, anyone? :)

Daytime Royalty Interview with Meredith Scott Lynn
Sep 30 2013, 07:10 AM
WTH is a pratt fall??
Just a silly, comical fall. No one is ever really hurt in a pratt fall, they just look ridiculous. It's slapstick. :)

Wednesday, Sept 18th Daily Discussion
Boy, Roman and Kayla both sure have changed a lot, haven't they? :)

Tuesday, Sept 17th Daily Discussion
I actually liked Olivia (but in retrospect, NOT her hairstyle). I think Amy Yasbeck is such an appealing actress. She was really good on Wings. The circumstances surrounding John Ritter's death were so sad; I hope she's been able to move on with her life.

Friday September 6th Daily Discussion
Beautiful then, breathtaking now. Love her!

On a random note, today is the 30th anniversary of a milestone episode – Renee Dimera's party and murder. Actually, the party would have started at the end of Wednesday's episode, with the Friday cliffhanger being Delia the maid running down the stairs of the Dimera mansion screaming "murder!" For me, the Salem Slasher storyline kicked-off the glory days of the 80s, in which action, intrigue and high romance ruled the show. It was the age of the super couple and, for the most part, the storytelling was excellent.

To tie it back to Kristian Alfonso, the only characters still on the canvas who were present at the party are Hope, Marlena, Roman (the real Roman, not Fauxman), Maggie and Abe. I wish Renee were still alive, especially since we're losing Kristen. I'd love to see her interacting with Stefano and her baby brother EJ. Philece Sampler was simply marvelous.

Tuesday September 3rd Daily Discussion
Sep 3 2013, 12:32 PM
Sep 3 2013, 12:31 PM
Eric needs to take off his collar for a minute and bash Brady's scruffy face in!
That'd be kinda hot, actually. :$
Bad boy!! :blulaugh: