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DAYS: Weekly Discussion
Day 2 of Safe sucked even more than Day 1 - OMG it was double awful. What are they thinking Ali gave new meaning to overacting and poor Galen is playing the most pathetic soon to be totally hen-pecked character. Can they please send these two character into the WPP again and this time don't show it!

American Idol Discussion
What was up with Adam tonight? I think his over confidence has lead him to the extreme extreme. His appeal has now become lost on me. That whole lighting effect gets old if you do it too much. If this was survivor I would have voted Adam off the Island tonight for his over indulgent performance. He has become the Willy Wonka of AI Creepy! I half expect him to come out shirtless and in skin tight pants in his next performance strutting around like Steven Tyler. I know he is the annointed winner - but what is his appeal? Fans have really bought into the hype on this guy! Kris in my opinion has so much more talent and is way more marketable. But because he doesn't strut his stuff like the chosen one he gets lost in the shuffle. IMO the top three should be Kris, Allison and Danny. Danny for some reason is not well liked by so many but he has killer vocals. The best in the competition. Allison is like a young Kelly Clarkson. Kris is a similar to Chris Daughtry. But the title will go to Adam because he is the Performer - Adam does not have best vocals. Sure he can hit those high notes but his screechy voice is hrd to listen to.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
Apr 26 2009, 06:31 AM
ej already is a murderer. he murdered eve michaels, that cop, during the black glove storyline.
I know the answer to this. It is unclear. There is a scene where Patrick is talking to someone and it wasn't EJ and at the time it was thought to be Stefano, but later on we learn it was Andre. We know that the black glove was not just one person. Yes EJ was involved but remember there was this scene where the black glove was outside the window looking in on EJ and Sami. There is also a scene where EJ is talking to Patrick and Patrick said I don't take orders from you and again we are left wondering who he is taking orders from - later on we find out it was Andre. Plus there is a scene were Andre is talking to EJ and his is chiding him about things and he said next time make sure your gun has bullets in it or something like that suggesting that it was not EJ who shot John. And if you ever look at the clip of John's shooting, EJ almost looks surprised that John is shot and he looks past John into the darkness as if someone is in the shadows in back of John. So the writer's left it unclear at that point who killed Eve and kind of unclear as to who actually shot John. Everything really points back to Andre calling all the shots because Stefano was ill.

DAYS:Spoilers for wk of May 4th
Thanks for posting these spoilers.

Isn't May a sweeps month? These spoilers don't sound like sweeps material to me. Perhaps the Stefano kidnapping but that is about it and without crazy Steve doing the kidnapping I can't imagine it being very exciting.

I'll be fast forwarding past the Rafe and Sami stuff. Even Will and Mia are more interesting than Rafe and Sami. Rafe is like another Brandon to me - nice to look at but duller than dirt to watch.

Chloe and Lucas marriage counceling should be interesting - Lucas just needs to man up and get away from his dominating mother. There is something really sick about Kate and Lucas' relationship.

Not liking the darker EJ. I prefer the smart EJ to the darker EJ. I like him snarky and cunning and two steps ahead of everyone EJ but dark and evil EJ not so much.

DAYS: Weekly Discussion
I think that Ari, James and Joe were spot on, fantastic and Shelly really did an outstanding job too. I am really having a hard time with Sami lately. She has become so annoying and borderline boring. They keep saying that Sami has grown up - WTH she is acting like a lunatic. She disrupts the wedding to make a confession to EJ. A confused EJ naturally jumps to the conclusion that she is there because she still loves him and she being the fickle person that she is tells him nothing. WTH was EJ supposed to think? I think it may be time to give the Sami character a rest - not only is EJ and Rafe going to be frustrated by her self deception and lies but this viewer and I suspect many others are tired of watching the Sami BS!

Promo for Week of 4/27
Thanks Ellie for posting...

I saw this scene and it kind of reminded me of that awful couch sex scene that Lucas and Sami had a couple of years ago. Where Sami was trying to be the aggressor - didn't she rip Lucas' shirt off in that scene?