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Wednesday October 26th Daily Discussion
Loved the show after a long time best part EJ/Nicole they are so HOT together.

SOD Confirms: Lisa Rinna back to Days!
TPTB need money to pay LR I wonder if AZ is on her way out.

I wish he had slept the bitch back. She is boring and bringing my show down.(GO AWAY BITCH)

Monday October 17th Daily Discussion
Hi James0479, Been watching Days for many years but for me the show is boring right now still holding on for now.

Monday October 17th Daily Discussion
I'm happy for the people that are enjoying Days but for me this show is so boring. I keep looking for something to draw me in but so far nothing.

Tuesday October 11th Daily Discussion
Days is soooo boring I can't watch it anymore. (I can't stand John/Drake voice.) and two men fighting over DULL Jeniffer again BORING.