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Michael Fairman interviews Nadia Bjorlin & Shawn Christian
Love the actors, HATE Danloe!!!

DAYS:Casting Tidbits
Personally, I still can't believe that the character of Daniel has been on the show for over a year and we still haven't had a whiff of his family or anyone from his background. Instead all we get is him lusting over Chloe!

I miss the old Daniel, that was rounded, confident and professional. They've just made his character a sap!

Bring in his family!

"Chelsea Brady" farewell blog May 12th
I'm REALLY going to miss Chelsea. I loved watching her character develop from brattish to mature. She's really come along, and I'm impressed with her outlook nowadays. Okay so the blog wasn't entirely necessary, but i feel that was mainly because the who person was writing it, wasn't always consistent with Chelsea's character.

I really hope that they bring back Chelsea, and soon, because she gave the show some spunk and attitude, unlike bland Stephanie.

I also love Molly Burnett as Melanie, she's brought a breath of fresh air to the show, and i seriously hope they develop her character further. Shame they couldn't have done this with Daniel too. We still don't know anything more about his background or family after he broke up with Chelsea, which was their biggest mistake, because Dansea were on route to become the next big supercouple.