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SoapTownUSA Twitter spoiler 10/30
Oct 31 2009, 12:25 AM
Days of Our Lives, coming soon: EJ attacks Stefano, Vivian meets up with an old flame named Victor, and Nicole is jailed.
about 5 hours ago from web


Thanks IMissAremid! EJ minus Stephano opens the door for Samantha. ;)

SOD/SOW: Sami and Rafe reunite!
Oct 28 2009, 01:21 PM
Please link to DR.

This week's SOD features an interview with Ali Sweeney, and this week's SOW features an interview with Galen Gering.

Rafe sneaks into Sami's apartment to get a DNA sample in order to prove that Sydney is Sami's biological daughter. Ali Sweeney explains Sami's reaction: "She is thrilled, relieved, glad he's ok and pissed that he sent her an email breaking up with her, and now he's here, kissing her." However, Galen Gering offers a different slant to SOW on Rafe's reaction: "Sami is the last person Rafe wants to see at this point. He's trying to protect her. Rafe doesn't want to tell Sami he suspects Nicole has taken her baby and that Sydney is her child, and end up being wrong."

Rafe doesn't tell Sami anything about his investigations, because he wants to wait until he can establish that Sami is Sydney's mother. Sweeney previews that Rafe and Sami make love, and then Sami asks Rafe why he's come back. Rafe says he can't tell her, and Sami and Rafe agree that Sami won't question him too much.
Rafe tells Sami not to let anyone know he's back. Gering explains, "As far as Rafe is concerned, Nicole and Stefano are the reason he was attacked in the first place, because Meredith mentioned something about Stefano. If they know he's back and investigating, he could be in more danger."

Nicole then comes over Sami's apartment, but Rafe hides.

Then, Rafe goes to send the DNA sample to his contact, while Sami goes to the DiMera mansion to see EJ. SOD says that Sami and EJ "reach a new understanding", after which they go to Grace's grave together.

Can't wait :applause: