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Do you want Sami pregnant again?
As long as it is Ej's. So it wouldn't be for awhile, cuz she's stuck with Rafe for now. :sleep:

Spoilers for wk of November 16th
I totally understand how EJ would try to separate himself with Sydney. He already lost one child, now he has to lose another which already kills him. The more he spends time with Sydney, the more he'd think he could have her as his own even though the "biological father" is fighting for custody.

Spoilers for wk of November 9th
Ok, Is EJ going to find the results on Rafe or is he going to save Rafe so Rafe can provide the big reveal? And then, will Sami continue to soften towards EJ for saving Rafe's life? As long as it eventually ends with Ejami as the power couple.