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Spoiler pics for wk of 8/2 and 8/9
Jul 26 2010, 05:25 PM
What is Chloe doing at the hospital?
Chloe just got her DNA test results back? ?

James Scott got a drastic haircut - is it story related?
If EJ is not on, I doubt I would even bother watching. When I am in a major hurry, I've been know to fastforward till I see his lovely face. With or without hair, that man is hot and a great actor. They wouldn't be that stupid. I am a diehard Ejami fan, but sadly it appears that they are not going to make the Ejami romance last. Safe bores me. Ejami are two sides of the same coin. They have committed the same kind of crimes through and through. Even with the kidnapping thing. Sami has kidnapped before. Plus, by keeping her prego a secret, she ended up thinking Grace was hers, lost her via death, and then let EJ mourn his "daughter". Maybe, Rafe shoots EJ. At least Rafe won't be so boring goodie two-shoes.