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Fantastic news. I did not want to see another soap go down so they could put on another talk show!

Jan 21 2014, 06:36 PM
Jan 21 2014, 12:31 AM
Earlier in the daily thread I said that I couldn't imagine what would ever make me watch this show regularly again. I now know the answer to that question.
That's kind of how I feel. I can think of only a few things that would lure me back, but this might just be one of them.

It's such a shame, though, that it didn't happen like 6 years sooner -- when I might have actually missed Sami.
Can you imagine how different the boards would have been over all of those years? People might have actually been crying out for AS's return (ala MM, JKJ etc) rather than fighting over how much power she had behind the scenes and whether she should be with Lucas, EJ or Rafe. Page counts would probably have been much lower, lol.

I am sad. I started watching DAYS for Jack & Jen around 1990, but given MA's departure and then MR's (SCANDAL!) and departure I became more of a Sami fan. Yes she could be annoying at times, but she had a lot of storylines that were pretty interesting. I wanted her to get Austin. Then I became a Lumi when she went through the french doors. Then I became an Ejami because of AS's & JS's smoking hot chemistry. So, I am sad. I do wish her well.

I do call bullshit on her "The longest vacation I have had since I was 16 was 2 weeks". Whatever. I have NEVER had a 2 week vacation since I started working at 17.

Jason47's sneak peek clue for February Sweeps...
The only clue I can even remotely connect to anything is the smiley clue. Kassie Wesley DePaiva is a famous entertainer born in Kentucky, as were Billy Ray Cyrus and his thoroughly annoying daughter Miley (put your tongue back in your mouth you little attention seeking whore). If I recall correctly, she changed her name to Miley several years ago because it was her childhood nickname... based on being "smiley". Uuuuuugh.

I like Kassie though. She was a bit bland as Chelsea Reardon, but sounds like she was better on OLTL.

SOD: Julie gets Hope to investigate Nick's disappearance
If they suspect someone he was in prison with, it would be a nice time to bring back VARGAS! Did he mention his name was Vargas?

Thursday, January 16th Daily Discussion
Jan 16 2014, 12:21 PM
Jan 16 2014, 12:13 PM
JJ knows something is wrong with Abigail, and says "talk to me" - and JJ knows that she's been "off" since she got back from Smith Island. He says why don't you help yourself and talk to me. He's being really nice about it too, trying to be a good brother.

Kate is dissembling to Cheryl. Rafe is talking to Jordan, and Jordan says Cheryl doesn't know any more about her that Rafe does. And is it just me or is GG playing Rafe as brain injured?

Oh, finally Wilson! And apparently gay marriage is legal in Salem. And Will says NO! Very seriously, too.
Maybe Salem is in California since no one is dressed for Midwest or North East winter.
Well, it is going to be 85 and sunny here today. B-)