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Happy HoliDAYS DR Members!
Hilarious. The picture of Shawn fit perfectly!

Promo For The Week Of November 21st
Nov 18 2011, 05:23 PM
Hope and EJ? :laugh: Some wish it was them together. Kinda boring because nothing new.
Oops. Well that typo tells you a lot about me. :embarrassed:

Promo For The Week Of November 21st
Nothing new (doesn't mean I am not glad you posted ;)). It is just Hope & EJ Stefano talking about the paperweight and letting the secrets of the dead stay with the dead...

Oops with the EJ. :embarrassed:

Monday November 21st Daily Discussion
Nov 18 2011, 04:13 PM
Nov 18 2011, 04:07 PM
Well I will say that was a GREAT episode, full of TWISTED AS FUCK drama!
Mitch, do they fuck each other clothed or do they actually take the time to get naked? The whole thing sounds disgusting.

I would puke if I saw Sami fucking. Hell, if I were EJ, I'd puke too.
Yes, we need to know: clothes or nekkid? :popcorn:

SID: Is Laura Returning to Salem?
Ugh. I did not like JLB's Laura even if it is the only Laura I know. Her hookup with Mark Valley was icky.

Spoilers for the week of November 14th
OMG, that picture of PR is peculiar.

Day of Days
Nov 7 2011, 08:15 PM
Nov 7 2011, 07:52 PM
Everyone suspects Stefano and E.J. of framing John. Would E.J. really willing to ruin the lives of thousands of the citizens of Salem just to become mayor?
It's sort of the perfect storm. He gets to be mayor and he gets to wreck John Black.

I wonder if JS is confirming EJ really did frame John or if he's just commenting that it would make sense if he did.
I am thinking that since he states it similar to "He gets to be mayor", but he has already said they are not far along enough to know that, that he is just commenting / speculating.

Day of Days
Nov 7 2011, 07:59 PM
That makes it sound like the election stuff is going on until November of 2012.
Playing it real time until our USA major election next year? I was already thinking that I was dreading the next year in r/l because of all of the crap campaigning and political ads.

November Promo!
So, when EJ & Sami kiss in the Dimera living room, it appears that they are both wearing the same clothes as from the pub shooting. So I guess this airs next week? I really did NOT think that the spoilers for week of 11/14 would go here. :sheep:

(Preparing now for disappointment :badmood: )

But damn I expect to enjoy this episode!

November Promo!
Well, I only made it through like 15 pages. No way can catch up on the rest. Just posting to say how pleasantly surprised I was by the EJAMI kiss at the end of the promo. Damn their chemistry is something.