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Y&R: Showdown in Genoa City Rocks Soap World!
Since they're trying to hire all these other people, why not just keep EB and honor his contract? Face it, Y&R is not ready to lose a character of Victor Newman's magnitude, they have absolutely no alternatives lined up. All the stories are terrible and there is no incentive for Victor fans to remain tuned in once he leaves. MAB needs to get her head out of her butt cheeks and face the fact that her precious Adam/MM is not going to save Y&R and lead Y&R into the future, he's going to lead Y&R right into cancellation. No male character has been groomed to step into Victor's shoes, Nick is nowhere near ready to become the Newman family patriarch, Adam can't do it either. Jack has been emasculated. And after that there are no major players at all. Sony is just going to have to swallow their pride and approach EB with some common sense, kind words, ego stroking, and negotiate a fair deal with him. I don't think EB has a problem with taking a cut, it's obvious moreso about the way he was approached about it. Really an email, then a lawyer, nobody from TIIC came to him to talk to him face to face, yeah I don't blame him for being pissed.

Y&R: Ashley has it out with Nikki!
Ashley getting the Newman Ranch is like Gloria's trifling butt getting the Abbott mansion, a HELL 2 the NAW! Anyway, I just find it so silly that Ashley is now completely sane and lucid and not realize she didn't really give birth to a child, just contrivance and I can't stand contrivance. I just want them to wrap up this horrible and nonsensical s/l.

Y&R: October Discussion
The stories are all horrific but the lately the writing seems better. It looks like HS has been put in time out for a little while, let's hope he stays there. I can't believe they let him go this far and creat this mess, now they're going to have to figure out a decent and plausible way to get out of this indecent and implausible corner HS has put the show in.

GH: First picture of Jonathan Jackson as Lucky!
I'm so happy to see JJ back as Lucky, but let's face it JJ's Lucky was NO FOOL. Lucky used to be slick and smart, he gave Luke a run for his money. The way they turned Lucky into a sucka over the years is just not going to fly with JJ's Lucky. Hopefully this whole Liz and Nik thing along with Helena will turn Lucky back into his original self, because Lucky was never a dummy.

Y&R: Adam's most twisted plot ever!
I was banned from SOC because Michael Muhney reported me because I said he I was tired of his "smug ass" and told him to "spare me" when he confronted me.