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Y&R: SOD Fall Preview
"Consequences are going to be very, very extreme for Sharon. She's reunited with Nick and it seems as if they are finally going to get back together and realize the dream they had when they were high school sweethearts. And it's going to completely fall apart. There are going to be some manipulations by the people around her, which ends up creating a series of events that is going to ultimately make her a different, stronger character. When the truth comes out eventually about why she has made the decisions that she's made, she's going to be seen in a very, very different light. It's going to cost her emotionally and physically and it's going to dramatically alter her love interests. Things are going to get switched around with some very surprising new love interests."

The first part sounds like a recap of what already happened. Nick and Sharon did get back together and MJ's manipulations messed that up. There's no point in repeating that scenario. Now we're on to the part of her suffering the consequences which is her being arrested and going to the mental institution. Tomorrow Nick will find out the truth about Sharon's lie and Sharon will tell him why she did it. However, my main concern is her paying a price physically, what does that mean? I fear that Sharon could miscarry her baby for real and there will be no baby Faith.

Y&R: A Closer Look -- Nick
So this means Sharon won't be stuck with his b!tch a$$? I say bring that love interest on for Sharon and let her do the damn thing. Finally, Sharon is free from Phick's orbit and being used to make them somewhat interesting. I just have to not that the polls may say one thing, but the ratings don't reflect it.

Announce Yourself
Hi Everyone!

I'm Jai. Love Y&R, I've been watching since 1994, I was 13 and Nick and Sharon were my first soap couple I fell in love with. My all time fav soap was GH and Sonny and Brenda were my everything, unfortunately GH is no longer what it used to be and I can no longer endure the writing of "Luza Guza". I look forward to lots of fun and discussion.