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Spoilers for wk of January 11th
Jan 8 2010, 02:45 PM
Jan 8 2010, 01:01 PM
I always thought she was a natural blonde.
Really?? I have to admit to being surprised that someone can look at that pile of fried angel hair pasta and think it was anything but straight out of the bottle. Not to mention unattractive.

EJ's hair is creeping back to being really greasy and unattractive in those court scenes.
Although, I was thinking of the whole mountain lion thing..........maybe we ought to see that and be the judge of that! The chemistry, that is.
Chemistry, much like love, is indeed in the eye of beholder so sign me up for viewing this chem test. Maybe a little t-bone tied around the neck and a little BBQ sauce dabbed behind the ears will put an even bigger glint in said lion's eyes.
Ouch. That's not what I meant.
Wow you seem like a really nice person :lol: My mistake i thought this was a place you could talk. God fucking help the rest of the members who have an opinion around you. Idiot. :shithitfan:

Spoilers for wk of January 18th
Jan 9 2010, 11:06 AM
[font=Verdana-Sami has a fight with Rafe over Sydney. :hail: I was wondering when she was going to grow a pair where Rafe is concerned .As much as I wil enjoy watching it, TPTB are really pushing Rafe to be Sam's knight in shining armour.As a diehard Ejami fan all I have yo say is ^o) [/quote]I'm with ya on this one, I am an EJami fan as well. I hate that the writers are forcing Safe down our throats. Ejami has so much passion Safe is so boring. GO EJAMI

Spoilers for wk of January 11th
Dec 30 2009, 10:22 PM
^ Come on, I like EJ too. But PLEASE, every bad guy has to go to jail, or be placed in a cell being a bit afraid that he wont be released! Even the great Steffy took his medicine. It just makes it a bit more real.

I just want him to be the sydnapper. Nicole starts to remember the voice being Anna's. She tells Brady. Brady (and of course superRafe) finds Anna. She fingers EJ and he does a bit of time? (Maybe not even a bit....just think he might go to jail!)

OH, and Sydney is the EJole baby!!!

Thats not a lot to ask???!!!LOL
Give me a break EJ and Nicole had as much chemistry as i have with a fucking mountain lion. They sucked, the only couple that has any chemistry that doesn't make me nap is EJ and Sami, which are the only reason i watch the show.