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James Scott podcast
The thing is, it's a soap opera all characters and storylines are exagerated and in no way realistic so knowing this, What he means is that he loves and has always loved Samantha so much all this time through all her shit and his shit, that he would be with her and forgive her for anything even for putting a bullet in his brain if she said she loved him. Since the day EJ came to Salem Sami is the only one he has ever truly loved. And in the soap opera world of serial monogomists and bed hopping and true love hopping, with this character it has always been one woman. I love watching Ej around Sami it's the reason i watch. I respect James Scott for being consistant with his character when it comes to being in love with his Samantha through hell and back.

SOD: November Preview
I am so sick to death of people talking about the "rape" IT WASN"T RAPE! and if you look back at an incredible scene with EJ and Sami (yes there are many) it's when she was married to him and they talked about that night and sami said the worse part of that night was him just acting cold towards her, hmmmmmm yep total rape victim there. And please don't even try to bring it up with any of the actors, they said it was a mistake and people took it the wrong way and need to drop it!

Sami character is absolutley disgusting right now and i have always been a sami fan even when she was bad you always kind of rooted for her because you pittied how pathetic she was. I was so excited when Ej came into the picture he was like her equal.

Sami and Rafe seem way to forced and rushed, I have a very strong feeling that Ken Doucheday has a big hard on for GG. I'm sick of this shit being forced down our throats, it's painful to watch and guess what I'm not going to anymore so i wish all of you the best for your favourite show because it is no longer mine.