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Promo for Week of August 23rd
I would love to have Lucas come back. I can't believe they replaced him with this boring fuckhead character, who I'm sorry but his facial expressionsare non existant!!!! STOP PIMPING RAFE!!!! He's an aweful character who doesn't hold a candle to Lucas or EJ

SOD: The Awful Truth/Sept 2nd Episode Discussion
Aug 19 2010, 10:43 PM
Aug 19 2010, 10:41 PM
Umm...let's break this down. EJ kidnapped Sydney. Sami found out. Sami shoots EJ hoping to kill him. How does this equal a reunion or true love? LOL So silly you all are...
Because there both equally insane.

Ejami is done girl....I love it!!
Ejami is done? :laugh: :joint: smoke another, Ejami will never be done :thankyou:

Weekly Discussion: 8/16-8/20
Aug 17 2010, 02:31 PM
Aug 17 2010, 12:22 PM
Why the hell is Lexie being so chummy to Sami? Has she conveniently forgotten how Sami nearly destroyed her life?

Oh, what am I saying, of course she has.
No kidding! That whole scene was just WTF!
Then Sami and her rant...STFU already! I don't think I have ever seen Sami more uncomfortable with EJ...it's awkward and there is no reason that she should be marrying him with the way she has been looking at him. They are the least passionate couple on the show!

Will is just so cute!

And I was hoping for some Racole action, but it is all falling so flat to me. I thought for sure they would have some chemistry, but with the way they are both playing it, they are both hesitant and distrustful of each other. It's ruining my enjoyment of them. Oh well.
Nicole's face when someone brings up Misty Circle breaks my heart!

I also don't get the motivation of Hope feeling so guilty. I am kind of over her pity party.

And as much as I love Stephanie, the little androgenous dude helping her out drives me nuts. What is it with Stephanie and these long haired extras they pair with her. For me, you need to be a certain type of guy to pull off a ponytail, and this dude isn't it. IF I glance, it looks like Steph is talking to a girl.
I wish the mugger would have slapped the shit out of Melanie so at least i could have enjoyed that part, but a strangle followed by Nathan turning his back on him...dumb dumb dumb.
Melanie seems to have the same daddy issues as Nicole looking for the white knight...didn't Phillip save her from Nick that time? Oh Nick. I hate to think of what they did to you in the name of Melanie.

I have not enjoyed too much of this week...mostly because I don't understand any of these stories and what is going through the character's minds. And I am just sick of the EJami story ruining the show for me. EJ is an embarassment of his former self, Sami is a twat who clearly doesn't love the guy she is with, and Stefano with his big grin catering to the little bitch Sami makes me gag.

Here's to Labor Day!
Why do you watch the show? :shrug: The chemistry between EJ and Sami is amazing, by the way. :makeout: :cheer:

NBC/SoapNet Promos for wk of August 16th
I'm glad they didn't go all out for this wedding because obviously Borefest will interupt blahblahblah. All it means i that we will have our BIG EJAMI Wedding one day!!!! GO EJAMI!!!!!!!!!!!