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SOD/SOW:Read Letter Day/Nathan Finds Out
Lol, who's chasing Stephanie?
Nathan obviously likes Melanie,
Philip is married to her(don't understand why),
Melanie wants Nathan and wants Philip too(can't have both, choose one) and
who wants Stephanie again? no one, get a clue girl and show some self -respect.

and yes, both girls have deceived Philip. Stephanie for her selfish reasons, still seeking true love(her words) and Melanie is still lying to Philip. on Febr25th Melanie's words to Maggie:"I should've never married to Philip"

on Monday's show Stephanie's admitting to Caroline that she's made a big mistake(referring to Melanie's letter) and the next week's spoiler says, she's convinced she did the right thing(the letter again). ahh, Stephanie, make up your mind.