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SOD:Hope Mugs Brady
"Victor doesn't think she's suitable. I think he would rather have a man on the case,"

does it mean Hope's next victim is going to be Victor? :laugh:

thanks for posting.

Spoilers for wk of April 26th
''Stefano finds Madeline and lays down the law"

don't care about Chad, even if he turns out to be prince Charles and Camilla's son. :sleep:
i'll be watching for State's sake.

Spoiler tweets from OneBadKitty - 19th April
Phloe in a hotel room, hee hee hee, :sweet:
they are going to burn TV screens, HOT, HOT HOT

Spoilers for wk of April 12th
not saying that i like the way Chloe's acting right now, it's not in her character. the writers showed very little or almost no knowledge of her true character. i can only hope that they don't make her lose self-respect.
on second thought, Chloe acts like any soap character would act. it's a soap and soap characters do things real people wouldn't normaly do, or maybe not, ha ha ha...
if Chloe's slut so is the whole Salem, so is Melanie, Stephanie, Philip, especially pervert doctor Daniel, etc...

not sure about any couple ending together, it's up to the writers. it only takes a paper and a pen to write- Philip fell in love with Chloe again and Chloe fell in love with Philip again. for majority viewers it's not going to be a surprise or a sudden event because of their long history. they had their problems, they fell in love in high school. looking at them right now, how they act, it's obvious that writers want us to see how much they care for each other, how much they mean for each other and their teen mistakes are totally forgoten, forgiven.
so far, Phloe is taking the direction their fans were hoping for, rebuilding their friendship(Nadia's latest interview, she mentioned Phloe always were friends) what does it tell you, both Philip and Chloe only confide to each other, they trust each other more than their current pairings.
so, i think, the writers are doing great job so far.

for Stephanie/Philip, i don't know, it looks like Stephanie finally found her true love-Nathan, her words not mine.

Y&R: The Masquerade Ball Explodes -- and somebody DIES!
I think the dead man is "Adam". a guy who met Adam at the pub.
did Adam save this man's life by giving him one of his organs?
if that's true, Adam orchestrated his "death'. he'll come back to hunt his enemies when no one will suspect him.

SOW:A Closer Look: Chloe
Chloe runs into Father Matt and confides her feelings to him

I call Father Matt-Kama Sutra priest. lol, the advices he gave her during her marriage to Lucas couldn't fit any Christian beliefs. i wonder what kind of lame advices he's going to give Chloe this time.

real Chloe would never go crazy, desperate, lackig self -respect over any men. she broke up with Philip two years ago when she thought he was dating Morgan.

maybe this s/l is leading to Phloe reunion. i'd love that, but please leave Chloe her self- respect.