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SOD: Melanie Learns The Truth
Chloe tries to deny it and Melanie is like, stop, stop. I know you did it. and she’s like, yeah but it was one time and it didn’t mean anything

what? she sure looked like enjoyed ripping Philip's shirt.

so what if Daniel finds out, he's going to blame only himself right? :wink:
and maybe the other guy? like he blamed himself for Chloe cheating on Lucas.
(i was surprised Dan didn't blame Lucas again)

it looks like Dan/Chloe get married, having Phloe baby :laugh: i'm so enjoying Daniel being fooled by everyone :chee: , Chloe,Melanie, Carly, Nathan.
that's how BD/Lucas left the show, maybe after Dan finds out Phloe have a baby together, he'll kill himself by jumping in a sewage.